Firm to Address Language Barrier with Tech Solutions


Emma Okonji

A technology firm, Laclic Services has developed a local software application that could work with technology devices to teach both foreign and local languages, through programmed sound and video display.

The Deputy Managing Director of Laclic Services, Dupe Sani, explained that the solution would help Nigerians who do understand foreign languages as well as foreigners who do not understand English language, to learn fast and have smooth business transactions or meetings with foreign partners, without engaging the services of language interpreter.

Speaking at a press launch in Lagos recently, Sani said the solution would enable people learn foreign languages with ease, and at their own time and pace, without employing a language teacher.

According to her, the software application is preloaded with 10 different languages, which include Igbo, Yuruba, Hausa, English, Spanish, Chinese, French among others.

“Nigerians that do business in foreign lands where English is not the general language, and foreigners who do not understand English, but run businesses in Nigeria, will find the solution to be of great importance,” Sani said, adding that Laclic has introduced four range of products that would enhance businesses across board.
Speaking on the various products, the Brand Manager, Laclic Services, Joseph Udewan, listed the products to include Olango, Olango Vista, Bantaban and Spirout.

According to him, “Olango is a language learning application solution that eases language study, which comes in both mobile and web version. The app allows users to learn any language of their choice at their own learning pace via chat with virtual tutors and other users. It comes with embedded video modules for each lessons and quiz sections at the end of each lesson to access user performance.”

He described Olango Vista as a language learning device to ease and enable users to book a translator both for personal engagement and or group activities. The device enables seamless translation service provided to anyone who needs it anywhere and at any time. It fosters effective communication system across borders thereby bridging the language barrier.

Bantaban, according to him, is a multi-value e-commerce platform that cuts across premium sales of goods and services. It is to reach out to first timers in Nigeria or frequent visitors with a purpose of providing them with exclusive/premium products and services at their reach.

The Spirout is a content provider technology solution for businesses. It is a platform where people can get ready made or customised content to suit their business needs.