Jean Claude Van Johnson Premieres in Paris


Veteran Hollywood action star Jean Claude Van Damme will have the pleasure of making his mother who is 83 smile when a new series about him premieres in Paris in less than two weeks. Van Damme whose acting career has been in limbo made a promise to his mother that he will make it back to the theatres and have a big premiere in Paris. Now, his wish or prayer is happening as Amazon Studios will premiere the meta series about the actor, Jean Claude Van Johnson, at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris on December 12.

Partly comedy and drama, J.C. plays a broken-down action star who makes terrible films as cover for his real gig as a lethal black-ops agent, whose code name is Jean-Claude Van Johnson. It is his first television drama series and the 57-year-old actor will play three roles: a fictionalized version of himself, a time-traveling doppelgänger and a smirking, squeaky-voiced Bulgarian factory worker.
The series will be aired on Amazon three days after its grand premiere.