Donnie McClurkin: Sexual Harassment is not New

Award-winning gospel artiste Don McClurkin recently added his voice to the ongoing sexual harassment volcano going on in the US. According to McClurkin, sexual harassment is nothing new in the society.

“The bottom-line is that these things have been going on for a long time. Whether it reaches the church, politics, entertainment, these things are not new. We have to realise that immorality has been part of existence in so many facets that has gotten to this overwhelming volume that is peaking through.”

The 58 year-old expressed his opinion at the press briefing of the gospel musical concert ‘The Experience where he is billed to perform. McClurkin has been an active participant at the event which holds every first week of December annually. He has become such a regular that he is sometimes regarded as a Nigerian.

Cases of sexual harassment against women in workplaces have been on the rise since the New York Times published an article that detailed the sexually abusive encounters of victims of the Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. There’s been a widespread of such cases from politics, Silicon Valley, entertainment to the media.
A sexual abuse victim himself, McClurkin advised that the church’s role is not to protest or condemn perpetrators of the act.

“Again, whether it is the church or not, the job of the church is to pray and to heal, not to condemn or cast away or to cause such embarrassment that renders the person immobile. We have to bring him to repentance if that is the case. But we haven’t been doing that. We have been throwing the persons away and not realising that what they need is redemption.”

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