Leukemia Patients Celebrate 10th World CML Day


As patients of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) worldwide celebrate the 10th World CML Day today to raise awareness on a rare haematological disease that represents 15 to 20 per cent of all leukemia in adults and the needs of patients, a non-governmental organisation, Together Maxcare Foundation Nigeria, is pushing for more sensitivity to the plight of patients who have this rare type of leukemia.

This year´s campaign motto is: ‘Today, Together, Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow, we need cure!’

To mark the day, simultaneous events, publications, and meetings are taking place on all continents and activities are being coordinated by the CML Advocates Network, a patient-run network comprised of 115 patients advocacy groups in 86 countries.

According to a statement obtained by THISDAY, advances in treatment and care have transformed CML into a disease where patients, if treated effectively, have the chance to live a normal and long life.
“However, there are still huge challenges for patients with CML, which also vary from region to region. These challenges, such as access to high quality therapies and diagnostics, treatment according to expert recommendations, adherence to therapy, effective side effect management, and development of a cure can only be tackled in partnership between patients, healthcare providers and researchers.

“Especially here in Nigeria, our key concern today is for Government intervention in the timely release of donated drugs by Novartis for the treatment of CML which were seized by Custom officials, says Eunice Orekha, President, Maxcare Foundation Nigeria.”
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