Police Rescue Hired Assailant from Lynching 

 By Chiemelie Ezeobi
But for the timely intervention of the police, an angry mob at the Jakande area of Lagos would have carried out jungle justice on a hired assailant, who was sent to kill a boutique owner.
The assailant, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, had confessed that he was hired by a friend to the victim to kill her at all costs.
Although he did not reveal the reason why the victim was marked for death, he did say that he travelled from Sapele in Delta State to Lagos to carry out the nefarious act.
According to eyewitness account, the suspect had gained entry into the victim’s shop under the pretence of being a shopper, cooked up a false tale of wanting to surprise his girlfriend by shopping for her and got the boutique owner to show him around the shop.
When they got to the cloth stacks at the back, he however quickly brought out a rope and tried to strangle her with it and and the same time, prevent her from screaming.
Although he had cut off her windpipe with the ropes, the woman gained a little ground when struggling and screamed.
Details later…

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