Low Activities in Lottery Market 


2017 appears not to be the best of times for operators and customers of Premier Lotto popularly known as Baba Ijebu, as the business seems to be losing appeal in recent times.

A visit to some of the local centres in Lagos showed that some of the players of the betting game are gradually losing interest while they sought for alternatives pending when the business rebounds.

Some of the agents who spoke to market place disclosed that movement in lottery activities had been fluctuating for some periods, although the sector was not as rosy as it used to be. An agent at Iyana Ipaja who simply identified himself as Lukman  said he could not really trace the problem in the sector to any factor but recognised that  the game’s fortune was seasonal.

Lukman who also lamented low patronage pleaded with manager of the business to look into the complaints of customers who now see the business as a profitless investment

“Perhaps, Baba Ijebu is not releasing money for wins because of recession, but we learnt that Nigeria is no longer in recession. Help us beg Baba Ijebu to release money so that our customers can come back,” Lukman said humourously.

According to a staunch player of the game simply called “No story” in Oshodi, “it is very unfortunate that the ill-luck is coming at a time when Nigerians are not smiling with money” and urged government to find lasting solution to poverty in the country.

“It has not been encouraging lately but I can’t stop playing it because  there is no amount of money  I earned from  road transport work  that will  sustain me, I have a lot if dependents, if I don’t win today, tomorrow is still there,” he said.