Accenture Report Identifies New Tech Trends for Business Success


Emma Okonji

Accenture, a global professional services company has released the report of its technology vision 2017 forecasts, centred around enhancing human capabilities for greater productivity.

The report, released last week, predicted five significant technology trends that people must apply to disrupt businesses over the next three years. It has the theme: “Technology for People”, which is a call to action for business and technology leaders to actively design and direct technology to augment and amplify human capabilities. The report states that the world is beginning to see the emergence of technology for people, by people, drawing a conclusion that what the globe needs in 2017, is technology that seamlessly anticipate the needs of the people and delivering hyper-personalised experiences, using artificial intelligence.

As part of the technology vision, Accenture surveyed more than 5,400 business and information technology executives worldwide. About nine out of 10 respondents, which is about 86 per cent, said that while individual technologies are rapidly advancing, it is the multiplier effect of these technologies that is creating innovation breakthroughs.

The technology vision details how with advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics, humans can now design technology that is capable of learning to think more like people and to constantly align to and help advance their wants and needs. The human-centered technology approach pays off for businesses, as leading companies will transform relationships from provider to partner and simultaneously transforming internally.

The technology vision identified five emerging technology trends that are essential to business success in today’s digital economy. They include: Artificial Intelligence as a new user interface, Design for Humans, Ecosystem as Macrocosms, Workforce Marketplace and The Uncharted.

Analysing the five new technology trends for 2017, the Managing Director, Accenture Technology Nigeria, Mr. Niyi Tayo, said the report would enable business executives align with the new trends and adopt technologies that would empower humans and boost productivity across board. According to him, the artificial intelligence is coming of age, tackling challenges both big and small by making interactions simple and smart.

“Artificial intelligence is becoming a new user interface, underpinning the way we transact and interact with systems, as 79 per cent of respondents agree that it will revolutionise the way people gain information from and interact with customers.

Speaking on the trend about Design for Humans, the Managing Director, Financial Services, Accenture Nigeria, Toluleke Adenmosun, said technology design decisions are being made by humans, for humans, and must therefore be able to empower humans to become more efficient and productive. She argued that technologies are supposed to develop humans and make them live above poverty level.

For the trend about Ecosystem and Macrocosms, the Accenture directors said there was need for business executives to expand the scope of businesses that will give humans the opportunity to explore greater things in the digital era. For the Marketplace and Uncharted, the report emphasised the need for business to develop into a platform that will propel businesses into uncharted territory.