7 Reasons to Visit Sheraton, Lagos


 A dash of indulgence, a splash of modern re-energised interiors, proximity to an international airport . Omolola Itayemi uncorks seven reasons to visit the iconic Sheraton Lagos

107 freshly renovated Club rooms and Suites to indulge in…

With 107 newly renovated club rooms and suites, all refreshed and elegantly furnished with modern interiors and enhanced amenities. There’s so much comfort, elegance and functionality in the rooms. As the lift doors open, a peak of its ultra-luxe suites is glimpsed in the lush cream carpets that just warm your feet as you alight. For me, the heart-thumper is the mirror strategically placed in the corridor. It embodies class and style. Blending both traditional and modern aesthetics seamlessly is a constant in these rooms. The use of a mosaic pattern on the wall tiling adds intricate detail to the room. The bathrooms are thoughtfully designed using quality materials and fittings with premium bath amenities.

It’s worth every naira from decor, good soundproofing, great service and nice toiletries, after all this is a hotel with no cornice unfolded, no recess in carved and no floor space uncarpeted. 

If Barry Curran, Area General Manager for Nigeria, can brag about these modern enhancements, then you know you’re covered. “We are confident that these modern enhancements and added amenities will further empower our guests and enable them experience more during their stay.


You like the mix of history and modern-day aesthetics

 Opened in 1985 as the first arrival point for international travelers to Lagos, Sheraton Lagos comes with a lot of history as most of its contemporaries have since packed up. Intuitive design blends seamlessly with local cultural elements and permeates through the re- energized interiors to provide a sense of place resulting in minimalist cool rooms.



Even with the expanding numbers of hospitality outlets in the Ikeja axis of the city, Sheraton Lagos Hotel still holds its own. Known for its ambience, excellent cuisine and awesome experience, the hotel’s close proximity to the international airport has positioned it as a safe haven in the commercial capital of Nigeria. Whether it’s a long-haul or short-haul or it’s simply a weekend away from home, why not take a cue from others running away from the traffic gridlock and stay here.


Enjoy the all new invigorated Sheraton Club Lounge… 

 Right up at the 6th floor, the new invigorated Sheraton Club Lounge is the brand’s exclusive lounge destination that provides upgraded access and enhanced privilege. It’s easy; your card allows you entry. 

Serene surrounding; it’s the perfect place for relaxation after those long business meetings. Better still, enjoy soft music with a loved one or old school buddy with appetizers, finger foods and drinks. Caution – Club Lounge closes at 7pm

 The hotel celebrated and showcased its refurbished spaces with the Sheraton brand’s new hotel lobby bar experience comprising of artisanal small plates and elevated bar snacks, served alongside premium wines and suggested beverages.

Make a Night out of it, indulge in Sheraton Sleep Experience…

 Not the passive state many people once considered it to be, sleep is now known to be a highly active process during which the day’s events are processed and energy is restored, so comfort is key. Sheraton has a whole new level of comfort – the Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience Bed. 

The celebrated Bed features luxurious sheets, a deluxe duvet, a selection of feather down and hypoallergenic pillows, and a custom sealy mattress.

Designed to eliminate uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning, it will improve your circulation for a better night’s sleep. Now recovering from a long flight, an intense workout or just a hectic day is as easy as closing your eyes. See for yourself. 


Variety of Dining Experiences…

 Sheraton Lagos offers a variety of dining experiences, ranging from local cuisine to an international buffet to authentic Italian at the three restaurants. A lively and eclectic Sunday brunch and Theme Nights every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at the Pool Terrace along with local live entertainment on Fridays.  The very popular Wazobia night form a highlight, while the buzzing atmosphere of the lobby and bars create the ideal ambience for regular Sheraton ‘Paired’ events where friends, family and colleagues connect over a delightful selection of premium wines paired with unexpected bar snacks and food.

Recreate, Recreate, Recreate…

Knowing when to unwind is very important with the stressful times we are living in. Recreational facilities abound here, such as Sheraton fitness, outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a mini golf range ensuring guests can make the most out of every stay. 

The world is a global village. So, high-speed connectivity is a must…

 Everything is digital, so staying abreast of what’s going on in the world is a must and Sheraton Lagos deliver that. Endless connectivity through high-speed Wi-Fi and a full-service business center caters to every business need round the clock while flexible meeting spaces with the dedicated event specialists ensure the success of any gathering. Sheraton Lagos Hotel continues to deliver effortless travel experiences enabling guests to experience more combining international facilities with the warm and welcoming spirit of Nigerian hospitality.