NCS Takes Enlightenment Campaign to Foreigners


In order to ensure that port users are on the same page on import and export procedures in the nation’s seaports, international land borders and airports, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has taken its enlightenment campaign to the doorsteps of foreigners in the country.

The enlightenment campaign is in line with the mandate given to NCS when Colonel Ibrahim Hammed Ali (retired) took over the reins of administration as its Comptroller General of Customs (CGC) over a year ago.

The move is aimed strengthening trade agreement between Nigeria and her trading partners across the globe. This is hinged on the fact that when trade facilitation to run smoothly,  it would not only prevent delays in the cargo clearance chain but also reduce the cost of doing business in the nation’s seaports, airports and international land borders.

The retired military officer who was the former military administrator of Kaduna State was mandated by President Mohammadu Buhari to reform, restructure and improve revenue generated by the service.

This explained why Ali did not hesitate to promptly respond positively to the request of the Peoples Republic of China through the Consul General of the Lagos Consulate, Mr. Chao Xiaoliang that their citizens be trained on Nigeria’s import/export trade laws and guidelines.

Represented by the Zonal Coordinator Zone ‘A’, ACG Eporwei Charles Edike, NCS conducted a training seminar to educate the Chinese and enhance the already existing bilateral trade agreement between Nigeria and the Republic of China which took place at the Chinese Embassy, Lagos.

Edike who anchored the training sessions, said the seminar focused on the laws guiding exports and imports in the country. This he said, became necessary following allegations that Chinese citizens are seen in Nigeria forests cutting trees for export, repackaging  Nigerian made products for export and other acts of piracy.

The Customs Chief noted that apart from these, there are several cases of misconduct involving the Chinese as well as other foreigners living in Nigeria which the CGC is not happy about.

He explained that the NCS boss approval of the training for the Chinese people is to address such developments and let them know the laws.