Bola Shagaya’s Success Secret


  Very stylish and fashionable woman, Bola Shagaya has been recognised at home and abroad as a successful entrepreneur. Unlike many other women, she likes to run neck-to-neck with men, as long as the race is for a noble cause. And she has successfully engraved her name in the hearts of people and nobody can deny the fact that the name is essentially synonymous with success.

While growing up, she had a clear vision of what she wanted to do later in life and she pursued it with unwavering doggedness.  Indeed, the only thing that caught her fancy while growing up was business and she has refused to be swayed by any other interest.

Many know her as an entrepreneur; she sees opportunities, always.  It is clear that she is a woman born under the proverbial lucky star; it is also clear that she is endowed with the proverbial Midas touch.

A big player in photographic materials, real estate, sugar business, banking and oil, she is surely a consummate businesswoman. Yet, in the thinking of many, especially her traducers, she is not more than a beneficiary of government waiver and concession. Those close to her, however, say the secret behind her success is her endless prayers. Shagaya recognises that only God is the unseen hand behind her success story and she submits absolutely to His will. Of course, she also recognises that hard work pays, so she loathes laziness. In spite of her very engaging daily schedule, she worships God as would be expected of a grateful soul. As a devout Muslim, she spends her spare time in total worship of God.  As gathered by Spyglass, the beautiful woman doesn’t make any move or take any step without seeking divine guidance. Her armour against failure is ceaseless prayers and fasting. We also gathered that she visits the Holy land often to present her heart’s desires to God.

As fashion and art enthusiast, Shagaya is a patron of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria, (FADAN), and she is also a sports lover, especially Polo.