Efe Tommy’s Uberstyle: Road to NYFW 2016


Hi guys. Last week, I started the series #RoadtoNYFW2016 (See my debut here), recapping the fashion and loving styles from New York Fashion Week served by African designers. I am super excited about how last season’s trends translated into the red carpet and street styles by some of my favorite fashion lovers.

One must really say that I love fashion and everything in between from the business and its environment to being able to endure the drama that comes with that eight days, called fashion week, that get me glued to my computer screen streaming most shows live and spotting my favorite pieces.

It is an intense journey, sometimes with bumpy roads. Most people tend to forget that this industry generates billions of dollars, and to them the idea of fashion is a very shallow one, where players know by heart the difference between colours; cerise and crimson, or between crepe charmeuse and crepe de chine.

Now I am starting to see some clear trends for the fall and winter season and it looks like this year’s NYFW will be well lit. Here are few of my favorite shows from last year’s NYFW.



I spotted this designer on the Instagram and hit the follow button one time. The debut collaboration of designers Emilio Sosa and David De La Cruz featured the perfect balance of city cool and classic chic as part of the NYFW. I am looking forward to seeing what this year holds.


The South African designer sent unique prints and chic cuts down the runway on a beautifully diverse cast of models.


Senegalese-born Adama Amanda showcased a collection that boasts of elegant, African and urban aesthetics, and that’s what I love about it.


Deola Sagoe, who is known for her flirty, feminine, yet strongly structured pieces, made a huge come back to the NYFW runway, rebranding as Deola. Her daughters Teni, Tiwa, and Abah Sagoe introduced their Spring/Summer 2015 Clan Collection characterised by glamorous chic sporty pieces at the NYFW 2015.


If Korto Momolu’s face looks familiar it’s because you may recognise her as the first runner up from Tyra Bank’s fifth season of Project Runway. Since the show, the Liberian designer has branched into eco-friendly jewelry design, which the designer showcased last year at the NYFW. I loved it.


Oh, I love these girls: sisters Darlene and Lizzy Okpo are the dynamic duo behind William Okpo.

Inspired by their Nigerian heritage and named after their father, the pair brought their smart designs and rich culture back to the New York Fashion Week runway last year with designs inspired by the sisters’ Nigerian heritage and American culture.

“We were born and raised in NYC, with a Nigerian background,” Lizzy said.

Their S/S 2015 collection specifically channelled a time of youth with pleats, panels, ruffles, pastels and floating pigtails.

Follow me on my journey as I recap on NYFW 2015, joyously anticipating 2016 edition.

Efemena Tommy Adabamu is the creative head at www.uberstyle.org and loves all things fashion and style.