House Introduces e-Voting System

Damilola Oyedele in Abuja

The House of Representatives is set to adopt the electronic voting system in the conduct of its activities, in compliance with its Legislative Agenda.

With the e-voting system which would be supported by internet and intranet access, Nigerians would be able to access the voting patterns of all 360 members of the House.

According to a statement by Special Adviser (Media) to the Speaker, Mr. Turaki Hassan, forms have already been distributed to the members for data collation ahead of the production of the e-voting cards.
The House, at the adoption of its Legislative Agenda, committed to the use of ICT in the daily conduct of its legislative activities.

“E-voting will be used regularly during voting to properly reflect voting records of bembers and parliamentary accountability. The House shall collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve the goal of an e-parliament,” the agenda read.

The e-parliament initiative will operate on the platform of modern, up to date digital technology.

Other initiatives that will be introduced, according to the legislative agenda, include the establishment and equipping of a Parliamentary Information Centre where information and documents of the National Assembly will be made available.

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