Sunday Oliseh and his Super Chickens


The worse has happened. We have been kicked out of the African Nations cup simply because of our decision to appoint a semi-mature albino as chief coach. By the time my paddy Siasia came in the damage had been done and we have been nationally disgraced. This Oliseh has always been a character right from his playing days. Mouthy and too controversial, shey that is what we all wanted after losing such a gifted trainer like Keshi. A man who knew what he wanted and always knew how to get it, winning the Cup of Nations garnering accolades and international respect. What did we do, we took him out and brought this upstart who only knows how to shoot YouTube videos. With his big mouth (I am angry Abeg, so I will yab him Jo) he went on an insult spree.

Insulting everybody from the Minister, to sports journalists and even his players. Shebi, he fought our legendary goalkeeper and kicked him out of the camp. That time, I screamed o on this same page that this upstart be kicked out, did they listen? They said because I was Akwa Ibom like the keeper so I was ignored. Today, the man has united all of us in shame. Whether you are a Fulani herdsman or a Boko Haram recruit or a Biafra separatist or Fayose loyalist we are all united in grieve. Oliseh has united Nigerians. What religion, national pledge or national anthem and NYSC cannot do, Oliseh with his big head has done. Today we are a nation of misfits, not even qualifying for a small competition like this and the FA chairman is still there with that his yeye glasses and cannot resign at such monumental failure. Na CCT go probe all of una. There is god o.