IBD Foundation Sponsors Surgery, Fetes Thousands

The IBD Foundation established several years ago, is dedicated to providing assistance to those in need and making a positive impact on its local community. Once again, the foundation has fulfilled its mission by uplifting humanity and providing essential support to deserving individuals. Through investments in education, sports, women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and basic amenities, the foundation, founded by Chief Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, a prominent hospitality business figure and licensed customs agent in Ogun state, has significantly improved the lives of many. Most recently, the foundation sponsored the much-needed surgery for Falola Abideen, a resident of Ilaro, who had been seeking help for years without success.

The young boy when was said to have unknowingly drunk a chemical which ruptured his digestive system and hindered him from eating through his mouth so he had to be fed liquid food like pap and others through a pipe passed through his tummy. He lived with pain for over 5 years before IBD foundation opted to take his case up and find a lasting solution to his health predicament. IBD foundation in its magnanimity took the boy and gave him another chance to live as the foundation sponsored his surgery with bills running into millions of Naira. The foundation took the boy to Babcock University Teaching Hospital in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State where the expert surgeons were galvanized to do everything humanity possible to correct the defect and also give the boy another chance to live. After several hours in the theatre, the doctors were able to correct the defect saving the life of Abideen. The foundation also paid for and monitored closely his post-recovery process as they also announced a fully-funded educational scholarship till tertiary level for the boy.

While commenting on the success of the surgery; the Mother of the boy Mrs Falola with tears in her eyes commended the IBD Foundation and also Babcock Hospital for handling the case professionally. She also showed her deep gratitude to the foundation for putting smiles on her face when everything seemed impossible. While showing gratitude, she also divulged that; she has been running from pillar to post to ensure she gathered enough money for her son’s treatment but she could not gather enough until the foundation came to her rescue. She thanked the founder and the coordinator for the humane feeling.

Also at the just concluded Eid celebration, the IBD foundation reached out to various people across its host community in Ilaro where they held parties to celebrate children and fete thousands of people with food and drinks in celebration mood. The foundation also doled largees in cash and edible items like foodstuffs, cows and others in celebration of the Ramadan season.

The coordinator of the foundation and wife of the founder; Mrs Omolara Egungbohun thanked Babcock Teaching Hospital as she also disclosed that; the foundation is not relenting in its quest to continue to put smiles on people’s faces. On the surgery, she personally thanked Dr Sanusi, Mr Dotun and Dr Uche for going all out to make sure the operation was successful. She disclosed that; the foundation plans to sponsor more surgery for over 20 people across Nigeria and also pay for the medical bills of those who can’t afford it. “We are just focused on touching lives which is our core mandate. We are also in talks with Babcock for the surgery of a woman who has a big goitre on her neck. When we get a positive heads up from the hospital that we can commence, then we will pay all necessary fees to ensure the woman gets relief. We will continue to reach out in our capacity. I am happy that through the IBD Foundation, we were able to save the life of Abideen. The surgery further opened the sight of many that Babcock Teaching Hospital is capable of conducting many surgeries which will reduce the overdependence on foreign medical travel and reduce forex on medical tourism.”

She also implored well-to-do private individuals to emulate the food steeps of the IBD foundation to help the needy and be their brother’s keeper which will make the world a better place

The foundation has over the years through its philanthropic gestures donated to religious houses, motherless baby homes, schools of children with special needs, and widows and sponsored soccer and entertainment activities. The foundation also for wife commendation for renovating the one-time dilapidated Ilaro Correctional facility among other kind gestures. It has also provided portable water to communities within the Ogun West Senatorial district.

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