Appointments: Tinubu Places Merit over Political Affiliation, Says AGF

Alex Enumah in Abuja 

The Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, has disclosed that President Bola Tinubu, places merit over political and other parochial sentiments in choosing his appointees. 

The minister stated this in Abuja, at the launch of a book, “Law and Technologies: Exploring the Evolving Intersection of Law and Technology, by Fernandez Marcus Obiene.

Obiene is the Special Assistant to the President on Justice Sector Reform and ICT/Digital Innovative Technology.

Narrating how Obiene was appointed as aide to the president, the minister said Tinubu has an eye for talents and is willing to get them on board irrespective of their political affiliation. 

According to Fagbemi, the president carefully selected those working with him presently as a team to help in driving national development.

He said the President has an eye for talent and is always willing to reach out to get them irrespective of partisan or other interests.

Meanwhile, the author, Obiene said that the book was an attempt to help tech lawyers understand what tech is and the relevant laws regulating technology.

“As technology grows it is limited by law, if you over regulate technology you want have growth and f you under rate technology you will have harm. So the book is trying to show people what is the situation between law and technology, how it has grown, how it is going to be in the future and what steps you can take to make things better”, he said.

Obiene who observed that a lot of technology regulators don’t have adequate understanding of what they are regulating, stated that the book would enable them to have the basis of technology, what technology is about and the various types of technologies.

He said through the book practitioners and the courts appreciate better the applicability of various technologies in adjudication as well as legal research.

“We don’t make laws that bars everything, we make laws that regulates it to the extent that we can regulate it and regulate it appropriately”, he added.

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