How NOWA NAVTRAC Chapter is Fostering Collaboration, Strengthening Ties 

For the Naval Officers Wives Association, NOWA, Naval Training Command, NAVTRAC Chapter, its overaching objective is to foster collaboration and strengthen ties not just between the command but also for military families and its immediate host communities. Recently, the members paid a courtesy visit to the command to unveil their plans, Chiemelie Ezeobi reports 

The Naval Officers Wives Association (NOWA), Naval Training Command (NAVTRAC) Chapter last week paid a courtesy visit to the command. The reason was simple- they wanted to acquaint themselves with the command and also outline the plans they intend to carry out to foster collaboration and strengthen ties between the command, the military families and their host communities. 

The visit, which took place at NAVTRAC’s temporary headquarters in Lagos, provided an opportunity for NAVTRAC officials and NOWA representatives to engage in discussions on mutual interests and initiatives.

The team led by Mrs. Joy Albara, a magistrate, who also coordinates the NAVTRAC Chapter of NOWA, were received by the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), NAVTRAC, Rear Admiral Istifanus Mu’azu Albara and his team, including the Chief Staff Officer, Rear Admiral Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan.

While highlighting NOWA’s key objectives and initiatives, including its focus on supporting naval families, promoting civil-military relations, and contributing to community development, Mrs. Albara  expressed their readiness to collaborate with NAVTRAC in various areas, including community outreach programs, cooperative societies, and educational scholarships.

She said: “NOWA is a non-governmental organisation established on November 30, 1965. What began as a small tea group to promote love and harmony amongst wives of naval officers has grown to become an Internationally recognised philanthropic organisation

” Presently, NOWA contributes to the social-economic life and well-being of Nigerians by providing quality education, vocational training, charitable activities, and economic empowerment programme for women,orphans as well as youths amongst others. These activities have helped improve civil-military relations in our host communities.

“Firstly, I would like to commend the FOC and the entire Principal Staff Officers for the successful commissioning of the New Headquarters of the Naval Training Command and the tireless effort in producing highly skilled and dedicated Naval Manpower for the Nigerian Navy Your work at the Headquarters is a success of our nation’s naval endeavours and we appreciate your service

“As women and naval officer’s wives, we understand the sacrifices that come with serving in the navy. We have witnessed firsthand, long deployments, and time spent away from family. That is why NOWA is committed to supporting our members and the wider Naval Community at large.

“It is in this regard, that I would like to state that NOWA NAVTRAC Command is solidly behind the FOC NAVTRAC, to support him in improving civil military relations.”

Reiterating NOWA’s plans to relocate alongside the command to Ebubu-Eleme, Rivers State, she said the strategic alignment aims to facilitate closer cooperation between NOWA and NAVTRAC in implementing community-based initiatives and outreach activities in the Port Harcourt region.

“We have mapped out activities to assist our host communities by launching community-based outreaches, Cooperative Society and Shop, Scholarship for exceptional children of ratings, as well as improving civil military relations.

” We are also looking forward to exploring potential areas of collaboration and partnership with NAVTRAC and the wives of Commandants of professional schools under NAVTRAC. This we intend to do by sending feedback forms to members who would choose, contribute and own these activities.”

In his response, the FOC emphasised the critical role of NOWA as a support group for naval officers and their families, just as he commended them for their longstanding commitment to promoting love, harmony, and social-economic development within the naval community and beyond.

Given the outlisted plans by NOWA to touch lives of communities around all its units, the FOC pledged to support where they can, adding that it was imperative that civil military relations be upheld, adding that it underscores their shared commitment to service, compassion, and community engagement.

He also assured NOWA of continued dialogue and collaboration while expressing optimism about the positive impact of their partnership on community development and civil-military relations.

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