Stephanie Linus Makes History with Lennox K. Black Prize Win

Stephanie Linus Makes History with Lennox K. Black Prize Win

Vanessa Obioha

Stephanie Linus has become the first black recipient of the Lennox K. Black International Prize for Excellence in Medicine for her outstanding contributions to social activism and impact through her work.

The prestigious Lennox K. Black International Prize for Excellence in Medicine is awarded by Thomas Jefferson University, recognising individuals who have made significant contributions to the medical field, promoting scientific discovery and advancements. The prize is named after Lennox K. Black, a Canadian manufacturing executive known for his philanthropic efforts and service on various boards.

Linus was selected for her activism and impactful work in areas concerning women’s health and rights, including her efforts to combat fistula and gender-based violence. She has been able to achieve this recognition through her creative works in filmmaking and strategic campaign efforts to bring about positive social change, embodying the spirit of the Lennox K. Black International Prize.

Upon receiving the award, Linus expressed her gratitude and reaffirmed her commitment to using her platform for social good.

“This recognition goes beyond me; it is for all the women and girls out there who are fighting for a healthier, safer world. It amplifies our message and our work. It strengthens my resolve to continue advocating for gender equality, social justice, and improved maternal and reproductive health in Africa.”

Spanning centuries, Thomas Jefferson University has become a leader in medical education and research. Hosting this award highlights its mission of improving lives through innovation in health care. The university said it is proud to honour Linus, whose work aligns with Jefferson’s values of creativity, collaboration, and compassion in the pursuit of excellence in medicine and beyond.

Interim President, Thomas Jefferson University,
Susan C. Aldunge expressed her admiration:

“It was our honour to recognize the remarkable contributions you’ve made as an advocate for gender equality and social justice. Your ability to educate while humbly addressing the cultural obstacles impeding progress for young women is commendable.”

“Your intelligent, personal take on the necessary changes in human rights has made a deep impact on all of us lucky enough to encounter you. Congratulations once more on this well-deserved award and the acknowledgement of your efforts,” she concluded.

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