We’re Not Under Generational Curse, Wigwe’s Family Replies Apostle Suleman

Wale Igbintade

In light of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s recent remarks alleging a generational curse afflicting the family of the late Access Bank Group Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Wigwe, the family has issued a response to rectify and counter the inaccuracies put forth in the video.

The family, labelled Suleman’s assertions, as unsubstantiated and potentially detrimental.

They stressed the importance of religious figures exercising prudence and avoiding provocative statements that may intensify the anguish of those in mourning.

In a rebuttal to Suleman’s claims, a close member of the Wigwe family challenged the accuracy of his narrative.

While acknowledging the tragic loss of Herbert’s elder brother, Osita in a car accident 27 years ago, the family member explained that the other individual referred to as Naomi who passed in a car crash involving then minister, Dapo Sarumi in 2000, in Apostle Suleman’s sermon was not a sibling of Herbert, but a distant cousin.

Expressing profound sorrow over the dissemination of the erroneous account in mainstream media and social networking sites, the family appealed for restraint and empathy from both religious leaders and the general public during this period of deep mourning.

“In the wake of recent events, the family earnestly seeks the backing and prayers of the Nigerian community, emphasising the importance for pastors to prioritise providing comfort over engaging in conjecture or baseless assertions that could exacerbate existing distress,” the statement added.

Wigwe alongside his wife Chizoba, first son Chizi and former Chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Limited, Bimbo Ogunbanjo, all met their end in the ill-fated flight that crashed along the California- Nevada border.

Herbert was dedicated to philanthropy, nation building, advocacy for children literacy and art.

More importantly, his commitment to Christian faith and active involvement in spreading the gospel were exemplary.

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