NIS DG Tasks 270 Matriculating Students on Virtue of Integrity

NIS DG Tasks 270 Matriculating Students on Virtue of Integrity

The Director-General of the National Institute for Sports, Professor Olawale Moronkola, has urged newly admitted students of the Institute to instill virtues of teamwork, discipline  and integrity  in order to sustain the reputation of the  Institute. 

Speaking during  the matriculation of  270 students made up of professional  for certificate course, Diploma and Advance Diploma courses, Professor  Moronkola  charged them to be ready to learn by embracing the challenges that lies ahead. 

“Today marks not just the beginning  of an academic journey for our new students, but also  reaffirms our commitment  to nurturing  talents and fostering  excellence  in the field of sports.”

He further  asserted “You stand at the threshold of an incredible  journey.  As you are formally admitted  as NIS students, you are not just joining an academic  institution, you are becoming part of a legacy. A legacy of excellence, determination and resilience.  

“The path ahead may be demanding, but it is also filled with opportunities  to grow, learn and excel. Embrace the challenges, for it only through  that  you will discover your true potentials.”

He assured them that “Our curriculum  has been  meticulously  designed  to provide our students with a holistic education  that encompasses  both the theoretical and practical aspects of sports. 

“I urge  you  to take advantage  of the resources  and facilities that are available  to you. I encourage  you  to  strive for excellence  in every  of your endeavors.”

Meanwhile, the newly elected Students Union  Government has been  urged to cooperate with  the Management of the Institute to make the citadel  greater. 

This was the assertion  of the DG during the swearing in of the Union led by  Omefe Michael Kanayo who was elected last week.

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