Dr. Herbert Wigwe was not an ordinary man; he was a force of nature, a beacon of light in a world often shrouded in darkness. He transcended the confines of banking, entrepreneurship or philanthropy, emerging as a global influencer whose impact knew no bounds.

For eight years, I had the rare privilege and honor of working closely with Herbert, and during that time, he often said, “you really don’t know who I am.” Now, I can confidently say that I do.

Herbert was more than a visionary, a trailblazer, an advocate for equality and fairness, and often challenging us to create our own paths if the world did not offer us a seat at the table.

He believed in controlling the narrative and was relentless in his pursuit of rooting Africa firmly on the global map. He envisioned an Africa that could stand proud above the West, not as a victim of international intermediation but as a powerful, self-sufficient continent.

Herbert was more than just being a leader; he was a creator of warriors, instilling in others the courage to break glass ceilings, challenge the status quo, and create lasting impact in our communities.

He was more of a father figure to thousands of underserved children, ensuring they received the education they deserved.

In 2020, when COVID-19 threatened our world, Herbert rose to the occasion, galvanizing the corporate world to action and changing the trajectory of the disaster that was about to unfold. His selflessness, love for his family, and dedication to his country were unwavering.

While his passing has brought immense pain, I find solace in the legacies he left behind. I pledge to honor him by joining his team with my fellows Access Warriors to pursue and achieve his dreams for Nigeria and Africa, knowing that while we can never replace Herbert, we can strive to be more and do more.

Adeus, Adieu, Herbert. Your impact will forever be felt, and your spirit will guide us as we continue to move the needle further, inspired by your extraordinary life.

Victor Willie

Chief of Staff to Herbert Wigwe

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