Adeyanju Celebrates Punch at 50, Extols Newspaper’s Defence of Democracy, Human Rights

Activist and Convener of Concerned Nigeria, Comrade Adeyanju Deji, has congratulated Punch Newspaper on its 50th anniversary, describing the paper as defender of democracy and human rights.
In a statement on Saturday, Adeyanju recalled the newspaper’s fight against military dictatorship and its commitment to the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria.
He extolled Punch’s dedication to spotlighting injustice and holding those in power accountable.
Comrade Adeyanju also noted the integrity of the paper, adding that Punch has never wavered or compromised journalistic standards.
“Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 50 years! Throughout these five decades, you have been a champion of human rights and a steadfast defender of democracy in Nigeria. Your relentless fight against military dictatorship and your commitment to enthrone constitutional democracy deserves utmost recognition and praise.
“Punch Newspapers, you have consistently stood with the oppressed, given voice to the voiceless, and fought for the cause of the vulnerable. Your dedication to shining a light on injustice and holding those in power accountable has made an indelible impact in our country. The role you have played in the last 50 years has not only strengthened legal jurisprudence in the country but has also inspired countless people to stand up for their rights.
“One of your remarkable qualities is your commitment to the truth, even in the face of adversity. You have never wavered nor compromised your journalistic standards and integrity, and this has earned you the respect and trust of the Nigerian people,” he said.
Comrade Adeyanju further stated: “I vividly remember when you were the first to label Former President Muhammadu Buhari as a tyrant and referred to him as ‘General Buhari’ for exhibiting despotic tendencies in democratic governance. Your courage to speak truth to power exemplifies the essence of responsible journalism.”
He urged the paper to continue with its commitment to upholding the highest ethics of journalism, holding government accountable, giving voice to the marginalised, and fighting for justice and equality.

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