The earth needs more trees and birds to ensure climate stability, contends Victor C. Ariole

Seemingly operating as a synchronized physical entity – phenomena, or particles, matter and conscience pulling and pushing – as just one holographic reality in which all, including particles, telepathy, floatation, clairvoyance, telecopy and psychokinetic – are in a simultaneous concrete and intelligible functions… Massimo relating Tesla’s Physics.

·         The kind of heat experienced in a humidity-laden Lagos of recent, 14th and 19th February especially, seems unprecedented; as even chlorine treated water burns one’s palms, one doubts the 370Cofficially posted and could guess over 400C. Even when it is reported that Mali is the hottest at about 380C, one still doubts it, as a scintillating Sahara sand and its energy conducting value could make it worse than the Lagos experience. In the same world, some places in Canada, politically no more called Eskimo area, it is about -380C.  And, this is where Tesla’s physics challenges humanity to avoid destroying their habitat as it is one great holography, ever bubbling with particles and matter and can render human presence pack of salt so as to keep bubbling, if humanity fails to behave. Human beings could even be mashed to serve the holographic reality or design.

·         While getting worried about climate change, one is still confused as almost five nations – China, India, Russia, combined Europe, and just on the 15th of February, 2024 Moon Space launch took place in USA – just keep on doing the opposite as Tesla felt by not, first, lighting up the whole earth before expending such enormous energy seeking already quantumly lighted moon and stars.

·         Just one launch, according to NASA and Google posting, gulped 13865 million tons of oil equivalent of energy; at lift-up it consumes 4900kg of fuel per second, over 25,000 litres, not like 4900 litres of water, and it is constructed with titanium alloy – multiple metals put together to reach titanium level; in all, what it takes to light up the African space of 30 million Km2 by giving each Kmabout 420 tons of fuel. And Nigerian government is not capable of helping Nigerians with just 60 million litres daily, as it erroneously pay attention to IMF’s worry that is only interested in Nigeria’s dollar reserve.

·         Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are at work, no doubt; though at the expense of forcing the holography to misbehave. Beyond other experiments not disclosable to other countries who share the planet earth with the most forceful five countries, their launching expeditions is capable of creating waves that could make the holography in which humanity is just a factor to find itself bubbling beyond its capacity and throwing in tantrums of heat and cold so as to stabilize itself; clearly seen in how hot Death Valley,  in California, USA could be and how cold Nunavut in Canada could be, just in a balancing fit, and both in one of the known seven continents – over 1200C and under -600C respectively as once recorded. Each continent, certainly, has such balancing fit and it behooves human beings to relate the two extremes like relating the hot planet Venus and the cold planet Mars, and know that plying only the lane of one of the extremes could be disastrous. Trees and sands in between the two zones – California and Nunavut – are certainly a balancing fit. And for humans, trees must be preferenced.

·         One thing I noticed during this hot period in Lagos is that some species of trees especially those producing ripe yellow-like fruits – cluster of paw paws, mango and another one that produces gum-arabic type of fruits, udara/agbalumo could be added here – reverse the heat to a cool air when under their shades. The more intense the heat, the cooler their shade. A five-kilometre trek along quasi-lagoon shores provides such evidence. It is just a testimony of the hologram nature of the space one finds themselves; and that too much of flaring gas is not as different as flaring coupled heavy metals in floatation, arrange moving up for a journey to the moon that last for nine days estimated to be about 385,000 kilometres, almost about stretching the earth’s circumference in straight line for almost 10 times to reach there, hence plausible reason for nine days journey, at a speed of about 40,000km per hour; relativity physics obliges.

·         Like Mandingo myth refers, the presence, clustering or absence of birds indicates how near or far the heavens relate with human beings on earth. That myth says that the journey is not supposed to be so far if not humans’ misapplication of wealth and their quarrelsomeness. The quarrels of human beings like quarrels of not knowing how best to use resources supplied by providence for a better living of all species on earth, get the heavens, like the moon, to go farther and farther way from humans. Hence the more quarrelsome and the more misapplication of resources, the farther the quest for the moon and stars becomes.

·         It is also what Tesla’s physics intended to prove before his demise. According to him supplying light to the entire human race is not as costly and resource wasting as it is done now. Like billions of stars beyond human reach, like the possibility of creating “corpuscles” of energy, in bubble form and placing them within transmittable range with whatever workable nano-conductor material that connects remotely, as the holographic realm know how to relate best if resource application is well gauged. And, mythically also Soyinka claims that his quest for renewal and regeneration sees Ogun as the right god that avails itself for a redemptive combat, that is capable of showing the way, unlike other gods of his race; that at any given time of the human race the matrix for ever regenerative capacity like the life of the holographic construction must creatively steady itself in any disintegrating provocation. Instead of it to disintegrate, Ogun will intervene to make a sacrifice of the evil factors. Just like the Vickings of old see in their god, Thor, that uses its hammer to restore sanity when turbulence came their way. Vickings were the people of the north; somehow found among the Scandinavians, not as known in Nigeria as cult group.

·         The current world needs some humanistic saving intervention, for the regeneration and renewal of the cosmic that keeps the holographic state stable, as it seems great damage has been done to it; and its internal viscosity is getting to watery state as witnessed in the climate change questions; greenhouse effect or dampening circulation of vital energy. Humanity should wake up to their responsibility as the most intelligent species among other species with whom they share in common the planet earth.

·         The earth needs more trees and more birds on the sky to ensure climate stability that assures sustainability of all species including humans. Let the variables in this holographic design be co-efficiently weighted and distributed to avoid nullifying the determinant of the matrix – human beings.  


·          Ariole is

·         Professor of French and Francophone Studies,

·         University of Lagos

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