Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

By Oluwole Oduneye

There has been an explosion of Counterfeiting goods across the consumer goods space over the past decade. A significant proportion of goods in the market Nigeria inclusive are substandard or fake products passing as the original brand counterfeit medications claim the lives of over one million people each year.

That is more than those who die from malaria or wars across the world. Brands take huge losses as a result of counterfeits.

These losses are as a result of loss of confidence by consumers, the image of organisations, reputation, revenue, profits etc.

Some manufacturers have had to close shop or discontinued brands due to the impact of counterfeits.

Attempts have been made by some manufacturers to mitigate the impacts of counterfeits on their brands by implementing some anti-counterfeiting solutions such as bar codes, batch tracing using batch codes, original brand verification using codes sent to dedicated servers using cell phones. These measures have not yielded appreciable results.
Tracing counterfeits back to the source should be the goal of any anti-counterfeiting measure deployed by any organisation.

Cypheme, a French company uses artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing their packaging with a neutral network using only a cellphone’s camera.

At Cypheme, we believe that attacking is still possible.

Our technology allows for an efficient and permanent response to the threat of counterfeits.

Some of the industries we serve are: Food and drinks; wines and spirits; fashion accessories and pharmaceuticals.

Documents protection.

We will be ready to provide more details should you need our services.
Oduneye, local representative of Cypheme could be reached at

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