King Charles Lambert Boosts Fight against Capital Flight in Africa

Mary Nnah

King Charles N Lambert has boosted Africa’s first economic war against imperialism and capital flight by launching a new digital platform that will help redirect Africa’s $3 trillion dollar economy through providing a mammoth 500, 000 Internet based jobs.
Created by the continent’s leading innovator, King Lambert, the software known as Efficient Onboarding, works through the Compassionate Capitalism empathy driven new economic system.

And this new software has been described as the greatest weapon to defeat imperialists brands that takeover $700 billion dollars every year out of Africa this keeping Africa in perpetual poverty with high level unemployment, weak industries and extremely slow paced development.

“The software is the principal to help emancipate Africans and restore Africa’s deserved success,” King Lambert said.

Digital marketers from across Africa will be able use this software by participating in building the African economy through creating jobs, helping Africa redeem it’s resources, as well as aiding in marketing African brands, companies and industries”, he noted.

This is part of the bigger Compassionate Capitalism economic war that bids to end foreign dominance through empowering Africans, especially the youths, by giving them opportunities to thrive.

In the African digital space, the market is hugely dominated by European imperialists because they have strong digital marketing systems.

Compassionate Capitalism Economic System is giving chance to youths to turn their passion for social media into a cash cow.

One can now play a self benefitting role in redirecting Africa’s $3 trillion dollars economy that’s shifting majorly to online/digital.

King Lambert noted: “Our ancestors fought against slavery. Our fathers fought against colonization and our generation must complete the century long struggle by digitally fighting brand imperialists in Africa’s First Economic War for Economic Independence.”

Its no secret that Europeans brought an economic system during colonization which is known as Capitalism and which has kept Africa in gross poverty for over 100 years with absolutely no end in sight. This system is much bigger than governments, controls governments which accounts for why no political leadership in Africa have been able to solve the problems associated with poverty, injustices and discrimination country by country.

“Amazingly, what governments cannot do is exactly what you will be doing through this unprecedented opportunity to work with our high end software as a digital marketer for the Compassionate Capitalism Economic System”, he added.

Thus, this software comes in handy.

Once one joins, they will have a dedicated account on the platform with access to various tools including the functions of the incredible market penetration software.

“You simply generate leads or buy leads from the system, upload into the software and it does the rest by following up on the prospects, closing them and bringing you your commissions, bonuses and recurring incomes,” King Lambert noted.

“This opportunity beats practically anything else you could do with yourself or your interest in social media because it is better than job seeking, better than betting, better than gathering views and hoping for payment from social media platforms and most definitely better than running off to some overseas country to go slave yourself for foreigners while the economy of Africa is being looted by the same people.

Get on board this wonderful opportunity to work from wherever you are with your laptop, phone and an online enabled bank card to earn yourself incomes as much as you desire to grab 7 days a week without end”, he added.

One can start immediately with acquiring 250 leads of prospects interested in at least two Compassionate Capitalism programs for only $50 and put these leads through ones dashboard into the software to earn incomes of ranging from $250 to $1,000 for this entry move alone.

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