Food Security Requires Agric, Water Resources Ministries’ Collaboration, Says FG

Food Security Requires Agric, Water Resources Ministries’ Collaboration, Says FG

Folalumi Alaran in Abuja

The federal government has underscored the need for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources as well as their sub-national counterparts to work together to ensure adequate irrigation of farmlands to guarantee food security all year round.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation, Shehu  Aliyu, convened this information at the 30th meeting of the National Technical Committee on Water Resources and Sanitation (NTCWRS) in Abuja yesterday.

Aliyu, who highlighted key components of the recent state of emergency on food security, noted that the integration of food and water matters into the purview of the national security council was to ensure that all loopholes were blocked.

“You will recall that the federal government has recently declared a state of emergency on food security to tackle food inflation. The major components of this declaration as it affects the water and sanitation sector include: That all matters pertaining to food and water availability and affordability as essential livelihood items, be included within the purview of the national security council.

“There need for an urgent synergy between the federal ministry of agriculture and food security with the federal ministry of water resources and sanitation to ensure adequate irrigation of farmland and to guarantee that food is produced all year round,” he stressed.

The permanent secretary called for concise and standard memoranda, addressing the limited submissions from states and River Basin Development Authorities (RBDAs).

The theme of this year is: “People, Planet, and Prosperity: Promoting Water Governance for National Food Security.”

 The representative of the World Bank, Emmanuel Chinedu, on his part expressed commitment of the World Bank to supporting Nigeria’s water resources and sanitation initiatives.

He noted the World Bank’s collaboration with Nigeria on projects like the transforming irrigation management in Nigeria, attributing significant support from within and outside the country.

This, he said, includes a $2 billion portfolio from the US which has contributed to the vision of national security through irrigation.

He further called for strengthened collaboration among relevant ministries and expressed hope for in-depth exploration of the council’s purpose.

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