PWAN MAX sets the stage for unprecedented success in 2024

By Fadekemi Ajakaiye 

In a bid to fortify its position as a powerhouse in the real estate trading arena, PWAN MAX Property and Business Solutions Limited has initiated a transformative journey, kicking off with a dynamic seven-day retreat held at The Mr Empowerment International Center, along the bustling Lekki-Epe expressway in Lagos.

Under the visionary guidance of Dr. Augustine Onwumere, Chairman of the PWAN Group, the retreat signifies more than just a pause in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. It’s a strategic move, a pivotal movement aimed at strengthening the bonds that will propel PWAN MAX towards unparalleled success in the year 2024.

Strategic Vision Unveiled:

Dr. Onwumere’s foresight positions the retreat as a critical juncture for retooling, emphasizing the paramount importance of unity, teamwork, and meticulous preparation in achieving organizational targets. For PWAN MAX, success is not just an expectation; it’s a commitment to a vision where staff geared for extraordinary accomplishments is destined to hit the sales mark of the firm.

He expressed, “We are in a business where our greatest asset is trust. There’s fierce competition in the real estate landscape. This year, our target is to sustain our lead as a formidable real estate trading platform that commands not only huge patronage but also the trust of our numerous clients.”

Week-Long Immersion in Excellence:

As the sun set and rose over the picturesque Lekki, leaders and heads of departments delved into a week-long retraining, retooling, and strategic target setting. According to Dr. Onwumere, the retreat serves as a testament to PWAN MAX’s unwavering commitment to excellence, drawing on the expertise of distinguished resource persons and real estate luminaries.

Participants had the privilege of tapping into a wealth of experience accrued over years. Renowned Human Resources Consultant and Co-Founder of 6thGate Resources, Samuel Arhuere, shared insights on building sales strategies and market penetration to empower the sales team for success. Ezekiel Solesi, CEO of LIMB Simple Business Academy, challenged leaders to prepare for phenomenal growth, examining the topic ‘Scale Your Business.’ Meanwhile, Daniel Malik, Founder of Lagos Digital Marketing Training Institute, enthralled participants with strategies on utilizing social media to captivate real estate patrons through skilful storytelling just as Dr Maxwell Ubah, a Corporate Transformation Expert and Business Growth Specialist also exposed the participants to key mental capacities needed to achieve Peak Performance in the course of fulfilling a business project.

Blueprint for Success:

The retreat wasn’t merely a transfer of knowledge; it was the creation of a blueprint for success in the dynamic real estate landscape. The corridors of The Mr Empowerment International Center echoed with insights, strategies, and inspiration as Dr. Onwumere laid out the roadmap for triumph in 2024. “You must get committed to our set target; take it very seriously, believe it, embrace it, work towards it, and don’t forget that we are in a business where our asset is trust,” he reiterated.

As the Leaders and Heads of Departments emerge from the retreat, initiated on a worshipful note in the fashion of PWAN Group, they do so, fully aware that the realization of the organization’s 2024 target rests on their individual commitment and determination. PWAN MAX has set the stage, and now, it’s time to play for unprecedented success in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

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