GBfoods Supports Cultural Preservation, Sponsors Kyegh Sha Shwagh Food Festival

GBfoods, a leader in culinary products, has supported cultural preservation with the sponsorship of the Kyegh Sha Shwagh Food Festival, a Tiv cultural festival, held in Gboko, Benue State.

GBfoods is a multinational company, which produces Gino Tomato Mix, Gino Party Jollof Mix, Gino Max seasoning Cubes, Bama Mayonnaise and Jago.

According to the company, Kyegh Sha Shwagh (KSS) Food Festival stands as a beacon of cultural celebration and gastronomic delight in Northern Nigeria and GBfoods has been a proud sponsor of the event.

It stated that: “KSS is more than just a gathering of food enthusiasts, this festival holds immense significance as a representation of the rich cultural heritage of the Tiv Nation, the second-largest ethnic group in the North. The event was held on the 26th of December, 2023.

“At the heart of the festival lies a celebration of a traditional soup made with chicken and sesame seeds, savored alongside pounded yam, a culinary experience that embodies centuries of tradition and taste.”

Speaking at the event, the Area Sales Manager for the company, Mr. Michael Ogwuche, said: “GBfoods is committed to celebrating local flavors, which is why for the past four years the company has remained a leading sponsor of the iconic Kyeghsha shwa in line with its culture of ‘celebrating local flavors.”

He said: “The consistent support has not only contributed to the success and growth of the festival but has also enabled the showcasing of diverse culinary experiences to a vast audience. GBfoods’ involvement has been instrumental in elevating the festival, enabling it to reach greater heights each year.”

At this year’s sponsorship, GBfoods offered free samples of their renowned products, including Gino Max all Dish and Jumbo Tomato, to attendees, Mr. Ogwuche said adding that the “gesture not only enriched the culinary experience of festival-goers but also showcased the company’s commitment to promoting and sharing flavors that resonate with local and international palates.”

One of the most exciting highlights, he said, was GBfoods’ sponsorship of the Uka Uka eating competition during the festival.

Ofwuche noted that by providing gift items for this competition, they added a layer of fun and excitement, engaging participants and further enlivening the festival atmosphere.

“GBfoods’ continued support and active participation in the Kyegh Sha Shwagh Food Festival have not only enriched the event itself but have also played a pivotal role in promoting cultural heritage, fostering tourism, and celebrating the essence of the Tiv Nation’s culinary traditions.

“Their commitment to preserving and sharing cultural experiences through food is a testament to their dedication to both community engagement and culinary diversity,” he stated.

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