Beyond His Comic Acts, Frank Donga’s Role in Ololade Portrays Seasoned Artistry

Beyond His Comic Acts, Frank Donga’s Role in Ololade Portrays Seasoned Artistry

Tosin Clegg

The road to quick wealth is paved with deadly consequences as Ololade, a six-episode series paid homage to Nollywood TV classics released on Netflix on the 24th of November.

The cast list boasts of veteran actors like Femi Adebayo, Kunle Idowu (Frank Donga), Mercy Aigbe, Jaiye Kuti, Mide-Funmi Martins and Liz Da-Silva.

It also featured the creative genius of the likes of Adebowale Adebayo (Mr. Macaroni), Oluwatobi Olubiyi (Agba) and Debby Felix.

Principal photography commenced in the first week of January 2021, in Lagos, Nigeria, and was completed in March 2021. The series stars two friends, Shina, an unhappy high school teacher, and Lateef, a loud, dishonest, auto-mechanic. They mysteriously came to wealth after going through a series of  challenges. They set up a new business, which takes tremendous flight in a short while. But they come face-to-face, with the negative consequences that befall them.

One of the producers, Adaugo “Falcon” Uzoma added that, “With Olóládé, we wanted to pay homage to Nollywood TV classics – pure drama, no distractions and everyone would be able to relate to all the characters.”

With comedian and actor, Frank Donga taking one of the lead roles in the series he met up to match as he gave a stellar performance and a one of a kind interpretation of his role.

Acting, Shina portrayed Donga in a brilliant display of comedic prowess. The film showcased him seamlessly transitioning from comedic acts into a commending appraisal of fine acting. 

His impeccable timing and delivery elevated every scene, infusing the movie with genuine humor as he stole the spotlight, leaving audiences in stitches. Beyond laughter, the actor demonstrated a surprising depth, navigating dramatic moments with a finesse that adds layers to the character.

This standout performance cemented the actor as not just a master of comedy but a versatile and compelling actor in the world of film making.

While Yoruba is the primary language, the writing team headed by Lani Aisida brought out a relatable script that permeated ethnicity and tongues.

According to the director, Adeniyi Joseph Omobulejo, “When you watch Olóládé, you will feel a lot of nostalgia. It’s good storytelling at its core. You can expect to see relatable, well-developed characters and drama unfolding, which for me, is what good storytelling should be”.

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