Gorimakpa Set to Captivate Afrobeat Enthusiasts with Release of ‘Over Do’ Music Video”

Rebecca Ejifoma

Nigeria’s rising star, Onyebuchi Steven, known as Gorimakpa, is set to captivate afrobeat enthusiasts with the release of the music video for his hit track “Over Do”.

The new single, Over Do, is billed to be released on Friday, November 24 this year.

This highly anticipated unveiling promises to showcase Gorimakpa’s talent and further solidify his position in the Afrobeat music scene.

According to the singer during a press briefing in Lagos, Over Do is an Afrobeat song about someone wanting everything, especially when it has to do with women. “He wants to have them all, it is about a man doing too much just to get a woman,” Gorimakpa expressed.

The Lagos-based Anambra indigene recounted how his friends introduced him to music at a young age which he nurtured into adulthood.

Today, he boasts over a decade of intentional and constant collaboration and experimental sound exploration to shape the signature sound that echoes with his inspiration from the streets of Lagos.

“In the music world, there’s no standing still,” he admitted. “You must constantly strive to evolve and tour to offer something unique to devoted fans and followers.”

Noting that he finds inspiration wherever he looks and channels whatever moves him into his music, award-winning Gorimakpa gushed about how the video would make a great fit on the Afrobeat, Amapiano, and Afropop Spotify playlists.

“In only seven months, Sapa has gained over 3 million streams across platforms, including radio and TV stations, 120k of which is on Spotify.

“Over Do will feature an extensive ad campaign, social media strategy, radio, TV, magazine, lyric video, viral video, and email list promotion,” he emphasised.

On how impressed the artiste has been about this song, he outlined, “Someone using the audio of the video has got like 14 million views already on the audio.

“So I think it’s doing very well. I’m expecting something more on the video and the video is classic. I expect to get it on TV stations. I connect with my fans through social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.”

Sharing his thoughts about the Nigerian music industry, Gorimakpa acknowledged it as enormous in the world now “Because they do Afrobeat and highlife music.

“I can only be unique, you know, in what I’m doing. I will keep being unique, making sure that I give my fans the best of Afrobeat sound,” he chipped in.

He didn’t fail to appreciate his fans, as he urged them to keep believing in him.

He encouraged every music lover to stay tuned for an electrifying visual experience that complements the infectious rhythm of “Over Do.”

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