SGORL Accelerates Action To Tackle Plastic Pollution

Sterling Global Oil Resources Ltd. (SGORL) has organised an event themed ‘Stop Plastic Pollution, Be a Part of the Solution’ with the students of the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Lagos, to spread awareness about plastic waste management.

This is as the firm believes that plastic pollution is a universal problem, and expansion and changing human lifestyles are major contributors to the high volume of waste disposed of.

But as plastics are generated in large quantities, they pose a high threat to the sustainability of our lives.

The interactive event with the students became necessary because plastic waste has engulfed oceans, damaged surroundings, and sneaked into every spot thereby constituting a severe threat to the environment.

At SGORL we see plastic waste as a menace to our way of life.

Speaking at the event in Lagos, the Assistant Director, Circular Economy and Recycling Project, Waste Management Unit, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Oguntola Toyin said, taking care of our waste and environment can switch the regime of the communities.

According to her, “There are environmental issues stemming from plastic dumping. Recycling plastic waste can prevent contamination of the environment. Through this initiative, SGORL is spreading a sense of social responsibility among the communities so that efficient material recovery and recycling are accomplished.”

But given the growing concern around plastic risks and multiplied plastic routes, the need for viable and environment-friendly solutions has risen.

Therefore, SGORL sees recycling of plastic products and waste as essential for the benefit of both communities and the natural environment.

The hostile consequences of plastic waste are now a comprehensive concern, as they are associated with global warming and climate change by emitting toxic gasses and contaminants into the environment.

Commenting at the event also, the Principal Scientist, Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Ejide Funmilayo said, “plastic waste is choking us. Every day, plastic is streaming into our natural conditions on a unique scale.

“We are confronted with an upsetting plastic pollution problem. Although communities are the most vulnerable to climate change, we can play an important role in safeguarding the environment and enhancing the quality of life for future generations.”

Environmental impact and social change go together, hence SGORL recognises the need for continuous and consistent improvement in the area of plastic waste.
The company aims to take the foremost step towards arresting plastic pollution, promising to lessen, salvage, and recycle wherever viable to ease the release of plastic into the environment.

Equally SGORL seeks a world where we and nature can flourish simultaneously for a waste-free future.

The dignitaries present at the event were Mrs. Oguntola Toyin, Ass. Director Circular Economy and Recycling Project, Waste Management Unit, Lagos State Ministry of Environment; Mrs. Ejide Funmilayo, Principal Scientist, Lagos State Ministry of Environment; Mr. Orororo, Principal Scientist, Waste Management Department, Lagos State Ministry of Environment; Engr. Agbaiko Odio, Senior Lecturer, Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology; and Mr. Yau Shamsudeen Damisa, Senior Lecturer, Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Lagos State.

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