Tinubu: Human Resource Professionals Key to Economic Resurgence

President Bola Tinunu yesterday emphasized the critical role of Human Resource (HR) practitioners in molding and effectively managing people to become catalysts for economic resurgence in an increasingly competitive and changing world.

The president said versatility remained the watchword particularly after “COVID 19 transformed the way we work” adding that physical locations have been traded for remote locations and meetings are now held virtually.

Speaking at the opening of the 55th International Conference and Exhibition and Emerald Anniversary of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM), with the theme: “Sustainable HR, Business and National Development”, Tinubu insisted that while poverty was not a shameful thing, it remained unacceptable in the country.

He said, “Therefore, my vision for the Nigerian workforce is one where every citizen who wishes to be, is gainfully employed and able to take care of themselves and their family. Together, keying into this vision, we will banish poverty.”

Represented at the conference by the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Hon. Nkiruka Onyejeocha, the president also promised to “put together the best brains in the civil service, to build a great Nigeria. One that we will all be proud of, one in which our youths will thrive and no parent is compelled to send a child to bed hungry”.

He said the government’s commitment to ending poverty was deeply intertwined with its focus on economic growth and job creation, realizing that sustainable development could only be achieved by fostering an environment where job opportunities abound, ensuring food security, and eradicating poverty.

He said, “In the pursuit of our vision, inclusivity is paramount. We will prominently feature women and youth in all our endeavours, recognizing them as integral contributors to our nation’s success.”

Tinubu specifically congratulated the President/Chairman of the Governing Council of CIPM, Mr. Olusegun Mojeed, and his team on the 55th anniversary of the institute, adding that with the “cooperation of all involved, we will arrive at our destination, a great Nigeria which we can all be proud of, truly bound in freedom, peace, and unity.” 

In his remarks, however, the CIPM President described this year’s theme as apt amid the current global workplace dynamics. 

He said, “Sustainability is not a fad or a buzzword. A trend? Yes. But it’s a trend that’s worth understanding and considering for your people, businesses, and the nation.

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