Change Strategy to Remain Relevant, Reposition for Future, Bode George Tells PDP

Change Strategy to Remain Relevant, Reposition for Future, Bode George Tells PDP

Segun James

Following the abysmal loss of the party in the last general election, the former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George has called on the leaders of the party to change methodology in order to remain relevant and prepare for future elections.

George gave the advice during a press conference in his office at Ikoyi, Lagos, noting that the party has deviated from the methodology adopted by the founding fathers, adding that this was responsible for the loss by the party in the 2023 election.

The former Ondo State military governor also advised President Bola Tinubu to make use of the country’s resources judiciously, noting that this was what he owed him since his party had lost at the poll and the Supreme Court had made a pronouncement.

George had earlier promised to make his position known after the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi’s petitions were dismissed at the Supreme Court.

The apex court affirmed the ruling of the Presidential Election Tribunal which had earlier upheld the election of President Tinubu.

George said, “We are not perfect, when it happened that we had an uppercut, the most reasonable to do is to go back and do an in depth analysis and cleanse the Augean stable and reposition the party.

“To put things under the carpet is not the best way. We have to set up a committee of knowledgeable, loyal and dedicated leaders and go round the states to get their inputs. They can bring the report and we will discuss it. I think we will benefit a lot if we do that.

“The problem we had continued to resurface at every electoral period. It is a monumental crisis. I don’t want to undress our party in public. The way the founding fathers founded the party, they altered it. That is the major issue plaguing the party. You created the mayhem at the base of the party. A divided house is a defeated party.”

He advised that, “We have to be very careful and be honest with ourselves so that we don’t go the way of ANPP. Those with personal ambitions should keep it to themselves. We have to change the methodology.

“The Iroko tree is standing and our tap root is still strong, we will bounce back. Having spent ten good years at the national secretariat, the mistake should have been corrected before the elections but nobody listened.”

Speaking on the Supreme Court judgement on presidential election, the PDP chieftain disagreed with the ruling.

His words: “I disagree with the judgement on two areas. On the status  of Abuja. Abuja is not a state. The constitution says you must have 25 percent in two third of the states and Abuja.

“On data transmission – why did former President Muhammadu Buhari spend so much money in bringing equipment but the INEC chairman said there was a glitch at the umpteenth time. How? He needs to go back to his inner chamber and ask for God’s forgiveness.”

He however stated, “It is now time for governance but what is the state of the economy. The fiscal, monetary policies and basic needs of the people must be addressed. You see people scavenging for survival.”

While condemning the distribution of conditional cash transfer by Buhari administration, he added, “That is the fastest way to jail. The woman in charge will have to account for the money. There are better ways of alleviating poverty, not distributing cash.”

George stressed that Tinubu government had started toeing the same line, saying it is not a good method. His words: “Let them sit down and govern. What I owe him (President), forget about the differences now, this nation must grow. As opposition, we must put them on their toes for the country to move forward.

“It is time to manage the resources of this country for the betterment of the country but is that what they are doing now? We must have a strong opposition to put them on their toes and that is what we are going to do. The only way that can sustain us is telling the truth to power.”

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