Kabaka’s ‘Abialam’ Achieves Remarkable Success on Apple Music

Kabaka’s ‘Abialam’ Achieves Remarkable Success on Apple Music

In an astonishing turn of events, highlife veteran Kabaka and His Oriental International Brothers’ latest album, ‘Abialam,’ has achieved unprecedented success on Apple Music within days of its release.

In just 24 hours, the album catapulted to the 50th position on the Apple Music Top 100 chart worldwide. Within 48 hours, it climbed even higher, securing the 27th spot. By Monday, September 18th, ‘Abialam’ had solidified its place at an impressive 19th position on the chart. This monumental accomplishment etches ‘Abialam’ into the annals of music history as the first highlife album from Africa to attain such a global milestone.

Band leader Godwin “Kabaka” Opara expressed his gratitude, stating, “It’s an honour to represent highlife music on a global stage and make history with this album.”

“We are beyond thrilled to see this level of engagement and support from our fans around the world,” added Anyanwu Glory Ammarachi, COO of Derda Promotions, the promoters of the album.

Released on September 15, the album has received positive reviews from critics who hailed its rich instrumentation, lyrical depth, and innovative sound. This landmark moment serves as a testament to the rising global appeal of African music genres, and highlife music, in particular.

‘Abialam,’ which translates to “I have returned,” is an intricate tapestry of traditional rhythms and modern beats, capturing the essence of highlife music while resonating with a broad international audience. The album features six tracks that pay homage to the highlife genre’s rich history, while also incorporating contemporary elements that make it accessible and relevant to today’s music scene.

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