‘UK ‘ll Help Strengthen Law Enforcement  to Tackle Corruption in Nigeria’

Igbawase Ukumba in Lafia

The British Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Gill Atkins, yesterday said the United Kingdom would help to strengthen governance and law enforcement at the federal and state levels in Nigeria in order to tackle corruption.

He stated this in a good will message to mark the 5th anniversary of the ‘Step Up Nigeria’, held in Abuja yesterday.

Represented by the Head of Governance and Stability at the commission, Magdalene Lagu, Atkins said national and global efforts on anti-corruption can only be effective if accompanied by attitudinal and behavioural shifts brought through awareness raising and education on the scourge of corruption, how deep-rooted it is, and how it blocks national development.

According to him, “It is only through education and training we can shape attitudes while fostering the concepts of integrity and personal values to oppose corruption in all forms.” 

“In fact, education and training directly fights the scourge in peoples’ minds by changing the general attitude that corruption is too big and deep-rooted to fight.

“Step Up instilling anti-corruption values in the hearts and minds of future leaders is among the most effective actions to build a brighter, more just future for all Nigerians.”

In her welcome address, the Board Chair of the Step Up Nigeria, Mrs. Maureen Ideozu, said the organisation has relentlessly pursued its mission, striving to make a significant impact on the landscape of corruption in the country.

Ideozu said: “We are proud to say that Step Up Nigeria has emerged as a strong voice against corruption, influencing policies, raising awareness, and empowering citizens to demand accountability from the government.

 “Through partnerships, advocacy campaigns, and capacity-building initiatives, this organisation has fostered a culture of integrity and transparency, driving positive change across various sections of our community.”

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