Firm Launches E-Invoicing Platform

Nume Ekeghe

ProInvoice, a leading e-invoicing application, has officially launched, offering businesses a simple and intuitive way to manage their invoicing workflows.

In a statement, the Chief Executive Officer, ProInvoice, Mr. Debo Shopade stated: “ We are thrilled to launch ProInvoice and provide businesses with a modern and efficient way to manage their invoicing needs. We believe creating and sending professional invoices should be easy and accessible for everyone, and our platform delivers on that promise.

“Since its inception, we have focused on building a robust platform that addresses the evolving needs of modern businesses. By combining user-friendly interfaces with powerful features, ProInvoice has empowered over 10, 000 local businesses enabling them to digitally transform their invoicing process and completely eliminating paper-based invoicing.”

“With ProInvoice, users can create, brand, and send professional invoices electronically and they can also set recurring invoices and trigger auto reminders to facilitate prompt payment. ProInvoice users can also receive payments for their invoices directly via the platform.

“ProInvoice is the first among many business applications we are building for local businesses to help them achieve digital transformation. Our goal is to continue to innovate in product development for the benefit of local businesses,” he added.

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