Empowering African Artists on an International Stage

Last week we reported on the story of Spotify venturing heavily into the Afrobeats space, and this week we hear of a dedicated record label that promises to reshape the African music industry, Decadence Records has emerged as a beacon of hope for aspiring artists across the continent. Led by industry veteran Lloyd Perrin and headed by renowned A&R expert David Yeboah, the label is dedicated to providing fair deals and an international focus to African talent.

Decadence Records has a boutique style with a major punch, thanks to its innovative marketing strategies. Going beyond traditional approaches, the label has forged unique partnerships with businesses in the heart of Africa, ensuring that the artists’ songs receive unparalleled exposure and opportunities. These partnerships not only showcase the diversity of African talent but also enable Decadence Records to tap into the rich cultural landscape of the continent, resulting in a truly authentic and enduring music experience.

With a philosophy that puts the songs first, Decadence Records aims to sign exceptional tracks rather than binding artists to exclusivity clauses. This approach allows artists to retain full control over their careers, enabling them to choose their own paths and explore various avenues. By prioritising the creative freedom of African artists, the label ensures that their unique voices are heard on an international stage, captivating audiences worldwide.

Lloyd Perrin, the CEO and founder of Decadence Records, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having spent two decades navigating the intricacies of the music industry. His passion for fair deals and transparency stems from a deep understanding of the challenges artists face in an industry often mired with exploitative agreements that fail to prioritise their interests. “The African music scene is bursting with incredible talent, and it’s high time we create a platform that empowers artists to shine on a global stage,” says Perrin. “We believe in fair deals, transparency, and giving artists the freedom to make their own choices.
Decadence Records is committed to creating an environment where artists can thrive and express themselves authentically.”

In their pursuit of unearthing exceptional music from Africa, Decadence Records has dispatched A&R head David Yeboah to explore the continents’ vibrant music landscape. Yeboah’s mission is to discover extraordinary songs that capture the essence of African creativity and bring them to the attention of a global audience. His visit represents an exciting opportunity for African artists to showcase their talent and potentially secure a spot on the international stage.

To ensure that no talent goes unnoticed, Decadence Records has established a submissions page on their website. The label is committed to carefully listening to every single song submitted, affirming their dedication to giving each artist a fair chance at recognition and success.

Their innovative marketing strategies and unique partnerships provide an added advantage, creating new avenues for artists to break into the global music scene. Decadence Records’ vision goes beyond just signing artists; it’s about fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, supports growth, and respects the artist’s right to chart their own course.

With their international focus and dedication to fair deals, the label is poised to revolutionise the African music industry and open up new avenues of opportunity for aspiring artists. If you are an aspiring African artist looking to make your mark on the global stage, Decadence Records could be the stepping stone you’ve been searching for. Visit their website to submit your music and be a part of this pioneering movement that seeks to empower and uplift African talent like never before. www.decadencerecords.com/submissions.

Decadence Records is setting a new standard for the music industry, one that values the artist’s voice, celebrates their creativity, and ensures that fair deals and global opportunities are within reach. With their unwavering commitment to African artists, the label is destined to shape the future of African music for years to come.

Could you or one of your friends and family be the next Burna or Wizkid. Submit your tracks today….for all enquiries email hello@decadencerecords.com

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