Tally Launches Innovative Mobile Payment App

Sunday Ehigiator

Tally yesterday officially launched its innovative mobile payment app, GetTally, on the Google Playstore, providing a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective way of making payments, and tracking card-based transactions.

With Tally, customers can tokenise any bank cards, generate an equivalent QR code and use the cards at thousands of merchant locations already available nationwide, and without physical dedicated point of sale terminals.

“Tally is a game-changer in the payment industry, and we are thrilled to have launched a solution that simplifies the checkout process for both merchants and customers,” said the Tally team. The company’s Managing Director, Tayo Oresanya, while speaking during a virtual launch, said “We believe that Tally will revolutionize the way we perceive and execute payments, and we invite everyone to join us in this revolution.

“With Tally, customers can track and manage their transactions directly from the app, giving them full control of their payments. They can also locate the thousands of merchants nationwide who can process their Tally QR codes, right from the app

“Tally is expected to offer much more including easy and free peer-to-peer payment, investment tools and access to low-cost financing based on card transaction history. The app connects cardholders to SMEs as merchants without POS devices can use Tally for a faster and smarter solution to their payment needs.”

The launch event provided an opportunity for attendees to interact with the Tally team, ask questions, and gain expert insights into the innovative technology. The event was a major success, with attendees expressing excitement about the convenience and efficiency that Tally offers.

“Tally is now available for download on Android devices. Join Tally and experience the convenience of a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective way of making payments,” he added.

Oresanya, said the app brings to banked customers a lot of advantages including better security against loss of debit cards, faster digital services and a single interface to accommodate all their debit cards from different banks.

According to him, “The ‘Get Tally’ app is focused on improving financial inclusion, considering the limited access to innovative financial services; we have been challenged in the digital banking sector to come up with easy to use the app, particularly an app that will help digitise our cards.

“An app that will digitise every single card that we have, and all route in one app, and the customer is the one in focus will find it more convenient to transact.

“According to CBN statistics, in 2021, 96.8 per cent of adult Nigerians still use cash as their primary payment method. From a population of 210 million people, this per cent represents close to 200 million people still using cash as their primary payment method.

“Again, statistics state that 39.7 per cent of people in Nigeria have a bank account. That is about 80 million Nigerians that have a bank account.

“If 80 million Nigerians have a bank account, it tells you that we have the potential of having these people have at least one bank account and a card so they can use the various mode of payment.

“However, some do have multiple bank accounts, so looking at the statistics of the number of debit cards in Nigeria; it’s about 110 million cards as of today. This creates a lot of pinpoints.

“And if you look at the pinpoints that the banks are facing, there are a lot of challenges with cost. Cost of printing cards, the economy is also not favourable at the moment, and even on the side of the customer, every time a customer comes for cards, they are debited, when they use their card, they are also debited, so the cost element is there.

“Then, the user experience on the part of the customer is also another issue. The user experience varies. If you go to the lower Cardel of the 80 million people that have the potential to have a debit card in Nigeria, you will see that the user experience is difficult.”

Owing to this, Oresanya said, “Get Tally to digitise your cards. With the Tally app, bank customers could digitise their different cards.”

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