Will Mudashiru Obasa Become Speaker Again?

Will Mudashiru Obasa Become Speaker Again?

Some people have such strong luck that their very presence in a place appears to divest others of providence’s favour. Honourable Mudashiru Obasa, the well-known Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly is one such person. After serving in the same seat in the Lagos State House of Assembly for five consecutive terms, the man has been re-elected and might be looking to become Speaker yet again.

Hon. Obasa is one of those people who always appear to have it better than others. His rivals have looked around for reasons to criticise him and found plenty. As a result, there is much on the internet that can be redirected against Obasa, especially on account of his being the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly. Although there are lies mixed in these tales, Obasa has indeed stayed in the House much longer than his peers.

This is why people are wondering if he can win the mandate of the Speaker once again. After all, since he assumed this position in 2015, it has been one controversy after another. It is obvious to even the blind that many people have their evil eyes trained on Obasa for countless reasons. But has this ever stopped the man? No.

However, whether it is right for Obasa to be Speaker yet again is one question. Can he convince the House to make him Speaker—that is even more important. Although the lineup might be different from last time, it is important to remember that the 2019 elections for Speaker in the House had Obasa’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) winning all 40 seats. That made it easier for Obasa to emerge as Speaker.

Will it happen again? Will Obasa climb over everyone’s heads to become Speaker yet again while flaunting his token as a sixth-term member of the House of Assembly? We will see.

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