Fouad Oki Plans Big for Lagos State Football 

Olu Osagie

A top contender for Lagos State Football Association Chairmanship, Fouad Oki, has indicated his intention to take leadership of football administration in Lagos was inspired by his desire to serve, rekindle the football culture synonymous with the state.

He emphasised his commitment to effective football administration as the cornerstone, as well as his belief that youth engagement, talent discovery, and the development of a new generation of players are essential elements to taking football to new heights through sustainable and attainable policies.

Oki, who is an embodiment of virtues, a scion of Lagos’ royal Abibu-Oki dynasty, a tactician, stated that he is committed to resurrecting dormant tournaments and brands such as the Oba Cup, Ibile Cup, Junior League, and Street Soccer.

“My passion for football extends to all levels, and I believe that if we want to drive football administration profile in Lagos, we must revive some of the major tournaments that have produced stars for the State. 

“My objective is to rekindle the passion for a greater Lagos through soccer. FA under my leadership will take football to the various wards, LGs / LCDAs and schools across the State,” he said.

Oki indeed underscore the critical roles coaches play, and he is therefore commitment to capacity building and positioning them for the job ahead as an important stakeholder in influencing youth involvement and engagement in football in our diverse communities.

One of Oki’s main goals is to develop a progressive and enabling environment that supports club owners’ investments as a partner in progress. 

He also plan to engage the corporate sector in strengthening the fortunes of the football through clear strategies and value propositions.

Oki also affirmed his commitment to assisting coaches and officials in developing new skill sets and capacity for the benefit of the football ecosystem through new courses and training.

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