Terra Unveils Shrimp Seasoning Cube

TGI Group has promised to continually excite the market with value-adding varieties of Terra Seasoning Cubes. The latest addition on this journey is Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube.

Made from locally sourced ingredients, Terra Shrimp Cube is a flavour-filled blend of real shrimp, chili and garlic among others to enhance various meal types. Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube is guaranteed to deliver a strong aroma, flavour and an irresistible taste to your meal.

In a statement, Group Executive Director, TGI, Deepanjan Roy sayid Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube was generally designed to meet the taste needs of consumers who enjoy the flavour and aroma of shrimp for great-tasting meals anytime.  

“With its key ingredients of real shrimp, garlic and chili, Terra Shrimp Seasoning Cube has provided us with an opportunity to, once again, offer a unique product to our consumers who are ever on the lookout for an exciting variety, ”he said.

Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, Probal Bhattacharya, stated that the new Terra Shrimp Cube is designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for that unique seafood taste and aroma that comes from real shrimp in their meals.

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