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Florence Ita-Giwa’s Unmatched Nobility

Florence Ita-Giwa’s Unmatched Nobility

“Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than loyalty.”
For some obvious reasons, you would have thought that the Roman statesman and philosopher, Cicero had Florence Ita-Giwa in mind when he penned the above deathless quote.

Although a lot of things have been written about her, one thing that has been underreported about the influential woman is her loyalty to her friends.
Over the years, this warm and beautiful woman has shown that she is both a venerable and noble woman that gives her all for friendship. Some of her friends have easily attested to this uncommon attribute. Among them is Sisi Abbah Folawiyo. It has been said of her that once she promises you her loyalty you can go to sleep with your two eyes closed. She understands the true definition of true friendship.

The former aide to President Olusegun Obasanjo recently proved that nobility truly runs in her veins. Society Watch gathered that during the governorship campaign of Bassey Otu, the new governor-elect of Cross River State, Ita-Giwa stood by the politician as promised. She made herself available, deployed necessary expertise, and devoted her time until the result was achieved.
A source disclosed that Ita-Giwa took the job full-time, relocated to Calabar and never left the town for one year until Otu was announced the winner of the March 18, 2023 governorship election.
The woman of substance, who is also endowed with grace and charm, is said to have promised Otu that the battle is hers and her Lord and motivated him when he despaired.

This was made easy as the woman, popularly known as Mama Bakassi, has worked her way into the hearts of her people through her genuine humane gestures over the years. Since she left the corridors of power, she has proved to the world that no joy is equal to the joy of serving others. Her service to her immediate environment is almost unequalled; she expends millions of Naira every year for the education of the less-privileged children she brought out of Bakassi, many of whom, it was gathered, school abroad.

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