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Mixed-use developments foster social interactions at Audacia new city

Mixed-use developments foster social interactions at Audacia new city

Real estate investors have been advised to invest in mixed-use developments as it is described as a decision that has many advantages for the key sector players and individuals.

This was made known by the CEO of Audacia Properties, Bright Sekoni over the weekend, while addressing journalists at the launch of the phase 3 of the Montana City estate in Lagos.

Sekoni said “Investing in mixed-use developments has many advantages. When you invest in a mixed-use property, your returns will be substantially higher than other kinds of properties. You can go into property rentals and charge a higher rent because the area will be in high demand because of the location. A stronger sense of community is frequently fostered among the occupants of mixed-use sites.

“It will automatically expose you to more potential relationships and clients, whether it’s for your personal development or business. Your visibility is guaranteed to increase. The more diverse the property, the more active with people in it will be.”

“Montana City offers both residential and commercial real estate, which can help you reduce the amount of risk your real estate portfolio is exposed to, while also helping minimize the impact of not- so-good assets in your portfolio,” he added.

Speaking about the newly launched project, he explained that in Lagos, “long commutes to workplace or recreational destinations are becoming unpleasant. Everyone seeks a location that is close to their residence. It becomes less appealing the further away it is. Imagine leaving Agege to work at VGC everyday. Buying into Montana City affords you effortless access to your home and workplace without any difficulty.

“Ketu, Epe, is the next big thing and in a few years time, it is projected to be the hub of industrial development, thereby giving high returns.”

Situated in a rapidly booming neighbourhood of Ketu, Epe, Montana Business and Residential City, according to Sekoni, is a project that set to reinvent the typical urban dwelling by aiming to build a vertical mix of commercial and residential uses that enhance all clients’ quality of life.

The estate is observed to have shared landmarks with Epe Toll Gate, Alaro City, St. Augustine University, Yaba College of Technology (Yaba Tech), Michael Otedola Housing Estate, Eredo Local Government, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery and Lagos State Model Schools, among others.

While encouraging investors and members of the public to look into the estate and its prospects, he, therefore, described it as “a must-buy for anyone looking for a high-quality, well-located home and work environment with a range of desirable features.”

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