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How Gbenga Ashafa’s Sterling Stewardship Earned Him New Nickname, ‘The Housemaster’ 

How Gbenga Ashafa’s Sterling Stewardship Earned Him New Nickname, ‘The Housemaster’ 

There is a kind of commitment to duty that overshadows every flaw that a person possesses. That is the commitment that leads to ordinary men becoming symbols of eminence and influence, allowing them to reach the peak of the mortal world. For Gbenga Ashafa who is more committed to doing the duties of his office as the MD/CEO of the  Federal Housing Authority (FHA) of Nigeria, there is no better description than ‘Housemaster’. No wonder it is the nickname that his peers and subordinates are calling him.

To be called a master of anything is an honour. To be called The Housemaster, referring to one’s unbridled dedication to providing shelter for others, is an even greater honour. Due to these facts, Ashafa stands as one of the most honoured public officers in Nigeria. Even now that a new political era is about to be unveiled, one cannot help but praise the outgoing President, Muhammadu Buhari, for having an accurate eye for talent and single-minded devotion to duty.

Buhari appointed Ashafa to be the MD/CEO of FHA in August 2022. It has been almost three years since that appointment and Ashafa has not let the president down. With one successful project after another, Ashafa has made it possible for biographers to collect the housing sector under the category of Buhari’s best points during his eight-year tenure. But anybody that knows Ashafa knows that the man is not after this kind of praise.

Even when he was representing Lagos East Senatorial District in the Senate, Ashafa was always a man of the people. A true statesman, Ashafa’s concern for others enables him to keep his nose to the grindstone. For him, this dedication is the source of absolute strength.

Thus, Ashafa is very worthy of the title of Housemaster. In the years to come, he might gain another title, one even more prominent. But, for now, Housemaster is the nickname for the FHA man.

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