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BBTitans Update: All the Ships in the House Are Strategic, Says Maya

BBTitans Update: All the Ships in the House Are Strategic, Says Maya

Stories by Vanessa Obioha

Following their eviction from the Big Brother Titans game last Sunday, the adorable pair Marvin and Yaya, collectively known as Maya, talked about the situationships in Big Brother’s House during a catch-up with E-Trends.
As long as Yaya is concerned, all the ships in the house are all about strategy.
She gave an example with Nelisa, who happens to be the Head of House this week alongside her teammate Yemi Cregx.

“Nelisa really liked Mmeli but Mmeli didn’t like her back, hence she ended up with Thabang, and now she doesn’t have a choice.”
She went on to reveal that one week in Big Brother’s House feels like one month “because you are literally in each other’s face so the entire time you can’t go anywhere else. Time is fast and slow. So all the ships in the house really are strategic. The South Africans are really playing their game. I can smell bullshit from a mile away.”

Marvin found it shocking that people were already in love barely 24 hours in the house.
Interestingly, Yaya believes that the only person left in the dark is Yemi Cregx who seems to be involved in a situationship with Blue Aiva and Khosi, and of course, Thabang, who is likely his rival in the house.
“He seems too emotional.”

“He is a playboy,” added Marvin. “He is just playing himself. The game is playing him.”
To an extent, this rings true as Yemi recently found out that Khosi has the hots for Thabang. As such, he found himself telling other housemates how foolish he felt for even admiring the sibling friendship between Khosi and Thabang.
During Monday’s fake nomination, he chose to save Kaniva instead of Khosicle. His move is however expected given that Kaniva saved him and his teammate during their reign as Heads of House.

Notwithstanding, Marvin believes that Yemi Cregx is handling the situation as much as he can.
When the focus turned to the pair, Yaya’s love for Marvin was magnified as ever. But is Marvin reciprocating the feelings?
“Yes. I like a girl that is really caring and Yaya beats that all the time. I’m looking forward to building more connections with her outside the house and seeing where this goes.”

However, he admitted that his relationship with JayPee, one of the evicted housemates, would have intensified if they were still in the house. Yaya didn’t really feel comfortable with his answers and made those glances that did little to mask her uneasiness. But this is somehow expected given the relationship she had with JayPee. She felt JayPee knew about her love for Marvin because they were close but when she began to get cosy with her love interest, she felt it was better she distanced herself than get entangled in their ship.

The other choice she revealed would have been Yemi but with Miracle’s personality.
“You know when you wish to take someone and put them into somebody else’s body? If I could take Miracle’s personality and put him inside Yemi’s body, if we could merge them, that would have been my choice. Miracle is very soft, sensitive and sweet but a little bit annoying. Yemi has the looks.”
While he would not describe himself as a very emotional being, Marvin revealed that he was quite hurt by Kanaga Jnr’s swap. He explained that he believed in genuine connection and did not expect him to play the game that early with him. He somehow wished he had a strategy and would certainly do so if he ever gets the chance to enter the game again.
Although five housemates are up for eviction this Sunday, no one will be sent home as Big Brother is giving the housemates a breather this weekend.

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