Sola Adesakin Making Name for Herself in Finance World

Sola Adesakin Making Name for Herself in Finance World

Standing out among one’s peers requires two different paths: one may decide to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way or do extraordinary things in an ordinary way. For Sola Adesakin, the young lady that is currently causing eyebrows to shoot up in amazement, both paths are being put to work and actualizing results. As a consequence, she is stirring more positive impressions of success across Africa than one would expect of someone with a concentrated focus on finances.

Adesakin is a woman that is currently bearing the spotlight of so many media houses. The reason is that she has accomplished much more than someone else in her field of endeavor, that is, finance management would be able to do given the handful of tools she has been given to work with. But, maybe this is her area of strength as she has managed to bulldoze every challenge and barrier in her path. If you have heard about Financial Literacy Organization, the institution that is committed to offering courses, consulting services, and coaching to people on financial literacy across more than 30 countries, then you should be familiar with Adesakin. This is because the organization is her life’s work.

Committed to helping people understand the way money works and the best methods of managing it, Adesakin has continued to amaze people with her doings. With only an HND from the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro and a Bachelor of Science degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK, Adesakin already put her dreams to the test. Of course, she has long acquired higher and more prestigious education, but all of these are icing on an already delicious cake. Even so, she has founded many organisations for educating people on financial management.

Adesakin has been awarded so many times it is difficult to number them. Among these are the Women X Scholarship; the Guardian List of Nigeria’s 100 Most Inspiring Women for the year 2020; the Power Woman Network’s 100 Power Women of 2021; and the Phenomity 40 List of 2021; among many others.

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