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BBTitans Update: Yemi Cregx, Khosi and Blue Aiva’s Relationship is Like a Pyramid, Says Sandra

BBTitans Update: Yemi Cregx, Khosi and Blue Aiva’s Relationship is Like a Pyramid, Says Sandra

Vanessa Obioha

Evicted housemate Sandra has waded into the Yemi Cregx, Khosi and Blue Aiva’s relationship. Speaking to E-Trends, the ex-beauty queen said the relationship between the three housemates is no longer a triangle but a pyramid.

“Is it not a pyramid now?” She mused. “Blue is my girl. She is someone I really connected with. I have known Yemi before coming into the house. We used to do content together. As much as I tried not to be in the mix because it was looking as if I was going to be added to the mix. I was trying to be a good friend. I hope I was a good friend to Yemi because at one point I told him that whatever he is doing is not doing and he should get his act straight.

“I was literally on his side. I’m always going to be regardless of the situation. I was trying to be a real friend. I told him his actions do not look good because he is making two girls look somehow. I’m not really worried about Blue because she is a gee. But it was like Khosi was really feeling it. As much as we had our differences, I would not like to see another female put in that light.”

Sandra, alongside her partner Theo Traw was evicted last Sunday. The duo entered the house the same day and became the first evictees of the Big Brother Titans season.

While Sandra is grateful for the opportunity to be more accommodating with people, Theo expressed dismay that he did not get to reveal his true self before he left.

“Maybe if I engaged more, got to know more people, it would have been better. But also you can’t get to know people if they are not willing to be engaged. It needs to be reciprocated. I wanted that energy to be reciprocated. I didn’t get that enough and it’s one of the things that irritated me the most because I didn’t get the chance to know more people.” Nevertheless, he revealed that he connected with Marvin, Yemi and JayPee.

Regarding some of the budding relationships in the house, he believes that Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii have a genuine connection, and described Yemi Cregx, Khosi and Blue Aiva’s relationship as a mess.

“I think Juicy Jay and Yvonne also got something going but I hope for the best in that relationship because it will be great.”

Theo Traw hinted that he would have dated Olivia or Tsatsii if he stayed longer, although this was not his primary goal. He also predicted that either Olivia or Juicy Jay would emerge as the winner of the show. 

Meanwhile, this week saw five pairs up for possible eviction this Sunday. They are Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng), Khosicle (Khosi and Miracle Op), Thabana (Thabang and Nana), Maya (Marvin and Yaya) and 

JayKay (JayPee and Lukay).

Some of the housemates nominated the same pair they did the previous week. Juiovla (Juicy Jay and Olivia) for instance nominated Thabana (Thabang and Nana) in the second week and had them on the list this week too. Likewise, Kaniva (Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva) has nominated JayKay (JayPee and Lukay) twice.

Kaniva also emerged as the Head of House for this week and used their veto power to save Yelisa (Yemi Cregx and Nelisa) and replace them with Maya (Marvin and Yaya). Luck would later smile at the latter as they won the Flutterwave challenge on Tuesday night.

On their second Legend Extra Stout Saturday night party which had DJ Xclusive, the housemates did not only seize the moment to show their fashion and dance moves, the lovebirds among them displayed their affection. The kissing partners on the dancefloor were  Kanaga Jnr and Tsatsii, Olivia and Thabana, and Juicy Jay and Yvonne.

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