BBTitans: Santheo Evicted 

By Vanessa Obioha 

Nigerian Sandra and South African Theo Traw’s journey to winning the coveted grand prize of the ongoing Big Brother Titans came to an end on Sunday night. The pair fetched the highest number of nominations and became the first pair of evictees. Big Brother changed the colour of the game last week by pairing the housemates.

Sandra and Theo Traw came into the house together as new housemates during the first week. Their entrance was as entertaining as it was mysterious. Alongside Miracle Op and Blue Aiva, they entered the house in masks while the housemates were having their first pool party.

During their stay, they both had conflicts with other housemates; Traw with Jenni and Sandra with Olivia.

Addressing the issue about her altercation with Olivia, Sandra said she was pissed by the latter’s response and had to fire back.

While Theo Traw’s demeanour was low as he was interviewed on stage, Sandra seemed to take her eviction in good strides. 

Only 11 pairs are now left in the game competing for the $100,000.

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