BBTitans:  Nigeria, South Africa Reality TV Gods Meet

Nothing less than earthshaking occurrences are expected at a meeting of the most brilliant and the strongest reality television stars from Africa’s two giant countries; Nigeria and South Africa. With an ultimate prize of $100,000,  Vanessa Obioha

writes  that viewers would stay glued to their television sets in anticipation of exciting moments for the 72 days 

What happens when 20 titans are living under one roof? An explosion of entertainment and intense drama! Those were the words of the CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe during the announcement of the new Big Brother Titans last year.

On Sunday, January 15, when the carpet rolled out and the new Big Brother titans, an interesting and diverse mix of individuals from South Africa and Nigeria, came on stage in their remarkable outfits and facial art, it became apparent that the inevitable clash of the titans would be unfolding on TV for 72 days. Even the hosts Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka could not hide their amazement.

Amapiano versus Afrobeats? Zulu dance versus leg work? A Naija and Mzansi wedding? The coming days are filled with surprises as expected from the Big Brother show.

The reality TV show is the most popular on the continent with Big Brother Naija taking the lead. But before the birth of BBNaija, as it is popularly known, there was Big Brother Africa which brought different personalities from different parts of Africa to participate in the show. Although rested for a while, the Big Brother Titans are expected to bring back the fun elements, cultural display and drama of the two giants of Africa, Nigeria and South Africa. Themed Ziyakhala Wahala, a high dosage of drama is expected. Keeping up with its tradition of choosing a distinctive array of individuals with appealing and shocking personality traits, the organisers threw their net wide to capture an inclusive set of housemates. There is the nurse, an albino, a model, a rugby player, a sales executive, and a host of others in the battle for $100,000.

Below are the brilliant and entertaining housemates who will be captivating viewers across Africa.

The Journalist/Academician Khosi (South Africa)

The 25-year-old Khosi from KwaZulu-Natal described herself as a very educated woman. To prove her penchant for academics, she revealed that she already has two degrees and is working on her masters. You may call her a bookworm but add to that list a fun and loving journalist and a lover of everything Nigeria. It is no wonder that she is dating a Nigerian man and already has a romantic relationship building up with one of the Nigerian housemates, Yemi Cregx.  Besides loving Naija men, Khosi is looking forward to cooking Nigerian food. Jollof rice anyone?

The Fashion Influencer Yemi Cregx (Nigeria)

Thirty-year-old Yemi Cregx from Ekiti State is personable. The business strategist seems to have what it takes to make women melt in his arms. Or how else could he have gotten Khosi singing ballads in his arms? The model and actor is highly competitive, and this may come off as snobbish but you know what they say about good-looking men, they always wear their hearts on their sleeves. The fashion Influencer is interested in learning more about South Africans. 

The Charismatic Rugby Player Juicy Jay (South Africa)

Whether you call him Siya or Juicy Jay, it does not detract from his cool disposition. The 24-year- old semi-pro rugby player from Eastern Cape in South Africa, got the looks and is not shy about it. Only a confident person will remain shocked each time he looks at himself in the mirror. Juicy Jay is your go-to gist partner and if you want to live life on the edge, call him. He is interested in learning Nigerian culture, especially our food. With the Nigerian female housemates in the house dominating the kitchen, Juicy Jay will have no trouble picking up our unique delicacies. He just needs to have an eclectic palate.

The Glam Girl Olivia (Nigeria)

Twenty-three-year-old Olivia from Anambra State just wants to have fun. The aspiring actress and influencer got a wild side that viewers may not want to miss. Of course, her eyes are also set on the grand prize.

The Cool Model Mmeli (South Africa)

At first glance, Mmeli suggests a level-headed model but do not be misled. He is street-smart and has a naughty side. His competitive spirit was seen last week when he emerged the winner of the Head of House (HoH) task and gained immunity.  The 25-year-old content creator and model from Hillbrow, Johannesburg can’t wait to visit Nigeria.

The Aspiring Filmmaker Blaqboi (Nigeria)

It is no wonder that Blaqboi is a storyteller, having hailed from one of the states in Nigeria, Plateau which used to be the hub of filmmaking.

The 26-year-old aspiring filmmaker finds it hard to express his feelings. However, his joy at flying out of Nigeria for the first time could not be concealed at the launch show. Hopefully, he’d get a good adventure at the Big Brother Titans house, and perhaps, eventually learn how to cook.

The Cerebral Bioengineer Tsatsii (South Africa)

At age 24, Tsatsii, an aspiring Bio-engineer, has set her academic goals. She is studying two degrees simultaneously: electrical engineering and medical sciences (microbiology, biotechnology). A sight for sore eyes, Tsatsii is equally curious about life and what better place to start than in Big Brother’s House.

The Hustler Nana (Nigeria)

Life may have thrown a lot of lemons at Nana, a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Kaduna State but she is bent on making lemonades out of them. Having dropped out of school due to a lack of financial aid, the young girl went into business. Although soft-spoken, Nana is not timid. She’s simply in the game to win the prize and help her family from impecuniosity.

The Introvert Lawyer Ipeleng (South Africa)

Ipeleng originally hails from the North West, now in the Gauteng province, South Africa. She is a law student and aspiring content creator. Nicknamed an amazon because of her height and curves, Ipeleng is good-humoured and an introvert. Her interests lie in philosophy, and like her fellow citizens, cannot wait to visit Nigeria. She is 25.

The Chemical Engineer Marvin (Nigeria)

Arguably, 29-year-old Marvin fits the description of a titan. With his eye-popping physique and looks, Marvin is topping the list of handsome Nigerian men in Biggie’s house. The model and a chemical engineer is hoping he will find a girl in the house to take to Mama. Wedding bells!

The Happy-go-lucky Photographer Justin (South Africa)

Justin is 21 and hails from East London. Justin, whom many have likened his looks to WWE superstar Bray Wyatt, is happy to be in the reality show for a good reason: his likes are hardly seen on television. He described himself as a quiet person as long as the bottle is not reachable. He is also a family guy who once paid off his family’s debt.

The Hype King Kanaga Jnr (Nigeria)

Kanaga Jnr needs no introduction. He took over the stage with his infectious personality, dancing and emceeing as if he was already in the spotlight. His boyish charm is his talisman and he is unabashed to unleash it on older women. Athletic and candid, the 23-year-old actor and model is in the game for fun and fame.

The Afro-centric Lukay (South Africa)

Lukay raised a few eyebrows when he decided to dress as Zamunda king. He is reserved and described himself as brutally honest. A sales executive, Lukay moved to KwaZulu-Natal to re-establish a relationship with his parents.

The Jovial Actor and Model Ebubu (Nigeria)

From the moment he came on stage, Ebubu, the 28-year-old albino actor and model from Anambra State delighted fans with his antics. Ecstatic to be in the house, the creative enthusiast promises to entertain viewers. His inclusion was lauded by viewers as he is the first albino to participate in the reality TV show.

The Dynamite Nelisa (South Africa)

Nelisa is pretty and confident. The 25-year-old described herself as the main character in the Big Brother Titans house and loves dark and handsome men. She may not be a towering titan but is definitely a dynamite given her lively and spunky character.

The Sassy Nurse JayPee (Nigeria)

Nurses are natural caregivers and often perceived as reserved but JayPee is making an exception. She is sassy and has the markings of a fun-loving lady. The 25-year-old nurse is liberal when it comes to matters of the heart.

The Plus Size Model Yaya (South Africa)

Thirty-one-year-old Yaya is representing plus-size models on the reality show. Comfortable in her skin, Yaya hinted that viewers may often see her in bikinis. Also a TV presenter, Yaya is excited about Nigerian culture and has her eyes peeled on the $100,000 grand prize.

The Spicy Health and Safety Specialist Jenni O (Nigeria)

One recurring word Jenni O used in describing herself is stubborn. Of course, it has caused her some heartaches but the confident and spicy health and safety specialist from Imo but currently living in the United States still identifies with that trait. She describes herself as a colourful daredevil who takes no nonsense from anyone. So guys, beware!

The Young Sports Data Analyst Thabang (South Africa)

One of the youngest housemates in the house from Soweto, Thabang is keen on breaking into the entertainment and modelling industries. He is a sports data analyst and described himself as a go-getter who knows his game. The 21-year-old is charming and loves to have fun.

The Confident Model Yvonne (Nigeria)

Yvonne is a 27-year-old model from Akwa Ibom. She is into interior design as well as skin care. The fair-skinned lady promises undiluted drama, violence and winning all the challenges and tasks. Time will tell if Yvonne will deliver as promised.

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