Wakanow Restructures for Global Expansion

Wakanow Restructures for Global Expansion

Chinedu Eze

Travel tech company, Wakanow has announced that it is defining the future in the travel industry, opening new doors, creating ease of travel, unlocking new destinations and providing Fintech services that enhance travel.

The company said the revolution created opportunities that are driving the future of how customers shop for travel and how they interface with travel agencies and the entire value chain of the travel industry.

“Keeping in step with the new frontiers being created, Wakanow has restructured to function as a group entity. In line with that, the Board of Directors and Management of Wakanow Group has appointed Mr. Adebayo Adedeji as the Group Chief Executive Officer and Mrs. Adenike Macaulay as Chief Executive Officer of Wakanow Nigeria, effective January 2023.  

“At the tip of the spear in the new structure, Bayo Adedeji will be at the forefront of expanding the business in Africa (beginning with West Africa) and then exporting the Wakanow excellence into other regions of the world. Adenike Macaulay is tasked with leading the charge within the shores of Nigeria and ensuring that the business in Nigeria deepens its roots and spreads its tentacles across the regions of the country,” the company said in a statement. 

Whilst announcing his new role, the new Group CEO, Bayo Adedeji, stated: “We are expanding into new verticals and countries in Africa & beyond to take advantage of new business opportunities in the emerging competitive landscape, leveraging our deep understanding of the African customer and expertise in the travel tech industry, and I will be leading this venture as Group CEO.

“The synergy I have built with Adenike over the last 18 months makes me super confident to take on this new challenge knowing that our core business will continually grow geometrically in her hands.”

Also reacting to her promotion, Mrs. Adenike Macaulay, the new Wakanow Nigeria CEO said, “I am delighted to receive the leadership torch of Wakanow Nigeria from Bayo and also excited to take on the new responsibility saddled upon me by the board and management of Wakanow and look forward to leading and building with an immensely talented team.”

In addition to major executive management changes, the company has also said it has strategically positioned its subsidiaries to open new frontiers, constantly innovating for a more satisfactory customer travel experience, delivering technologically powered solutions for things as basic as buying flight tickets to booking hotels and rides.   

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