UNILAG Don Recommends More Human Interaction Via Reading

Uchechukwu Nnaike

A French and Francophone Studies professor at the Department of European Languages and Integration Studies, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Victor Ariole, has called for a reengineering of the learning and knowledge system to preserve human beings.

He said an emphasis on science and technology could overwhelm humans “and take over our humanities from us.”

Ariole said this recently in Lagos at the launch of his four books ‘When Women Take Over’, ‘Oyster in the Pandemic’, Thoughts on Asserting Nigerianess Beyond Ethnicism’, and a French Book, ‘Les Femmes mo Pouvoir’.

According to him, humans should learn to connect with and understand one another through reading to prevent them from going extinct.
He said reading wide also helps to fight depression and provides understanding of life’s challenges and how to surmount them.
Ariole, who has been contributing to knowledge at UNILAG for 30 years, said the book, ‘When Women Take Over’ through its main character, Esuru and her mentor, Obananjo encourages Nigerians to forget the past and move forward without acrimony so that the country will be a better place for everyone.

He said ‘Oyster in the Pandemic’ is basically what happened during the COVID-19 period and how human beings were forced into isolation.

“It is reminding human beings that without oxygen, life will be over. We must do something to still remain human beings, and we must relate as human beings because every development we are looking for must revolve around making human beings better,” stated Ariole.

He said the book, ‘Thoughts on Asserting Nigerianess Beyond Ethnicism’, concerns all leaders in the country.​
Ariole added that the French Book, ‘Les Femmes mo Pouvoir’, focuses on getting women to understand that for humanity to move forward, women are to lead the process.

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